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Unpublished images reveal the appearance of the first iPod, which was the size of a current MacBook

We don't even want to imagine what a problem it would have been to carry it around.

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The iPod marked two decades since its launch on October 23, 2001. For this twentieth anniversary, Panic , a website dedicated to the creation of applications and games, revealed images of what could have been: a prototype iPod with a very good appearance. peculiar.

Cartoons Plural vía Unsplash

The music player would have been the same size as a current MacBook laptop, roughly 13 inches. In addition to this, it has a rectangular shape and has a small screen in the upper right, four buttons on the right that would serve as control of the device.

Finally, in the upper left it would have a wheel whose appearance closely resembles the mechanical Click Wheel of the iPod models that did see the light.

According to Panic, this design is stamped with the manufacturing date, which dates back to September 2001, almost two months before the iPod Classic 1st Generation was released. The technological feat that this represents is unprecedented, Apple would have managed to reduce the size of its device approximately four times from September to October 2001.

That said, this prototype of the Apple product never went on sale and it is until today that we can see it. Instead, the iPod Classic we all know would fill electronics store shelves and revolutionize the tech market with its sleek design and large memory for its size. This product would evolve into different models such as the Nano, the Shuffle, the Touch and would be definitively withdrawn from the market in 2014.