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5 benefits of making your will today

No matter what your age and situation are, making a will will help you protect your estate and avoid conflicts in the future.

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I have an important piece of information for you: only one in 20 adults in Mexico has a will.

In your case: have you ever had the intention of planning your inheritance ? If so, have you carried out this task successfully or have you ended up doing nothing, overwhelmed by ignorance, laziness, fear of generating family conflicts or even intimidation of thinking about death?

The truth is that most people find themselves in the second case, since drawing up a will - or deciding how to distribute assets after death - poses a formidable emotional challenge . Fortunately, there is a growing awareness that hereditary planning is essential to ensure that the estate - in most cases, the fruit of a lifetime of effort and dedication - flourishes and lasts for several generations.

Therefore, today I wanted to share with you some of the many benefits of making your will with time:

  1. That you can decide precisely who to leave your estate to, even to people who are not family members and institutions.
  2. That your heirs do not have to carry out an inheritance trial.

    This process is usually expensive and complicated for the family, coupled with the emotional burden that they could have due to your departure.
  3. That the adjudication of the assets implies the least possible expenses for your heirs.
  4. That you can establish certain conditions to your heirs.

    That's right, you can decide with time and reflection how they will receive your assets.
  5. That you can appoint guardians for your children, in case they are minors. In addition, you will decide who will be their executors and curators, which will surely help to put them in the best hands.

Actually making a will is easier, faster and cheaper than you might think. That is why I created Mento , a 100 percent digital platform where you can learn in simple online courses how to do it, as well as advice and recommendations from experts to take care of your family and make your wealth grow.