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LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability: These are the most influential voices on green issues

This list recognizes the members of the professional social network who, through their content, inform others about the importance of the positive impact on our planet.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

We are at a critical point for the health of our planet where staying informed about best practices to achieve a positive impact is essential to reverse problems such as global warming, deforestation and ocean pollution. Given this situation, LinkedIn announces the first edition of its LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability list, where it recognizes those users who stand out on the platform for generating valuable conversations and sharing their knowledge about the importance of caring for our planet.

Within this first edition, the LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability list includes 10 Mexican professionals (5 women and 5 men) whose profiles have been selected and curated by the LinkedIn News editors team, taking into account the content that each user publishes on the website. social network, interaction with their followers and that the themes they portray are relevant to the current scene. In terms of content, the users of this list stand out for generating conversations around topics related to circular economy, clean energy implementations, zero emission of polluting gases and recycling, among others.

“These voices feed the platform with extremely important content that informs the more than 17 million users in Mexico about the importance of caring for our planet at such a decisive moment as this through practices that promote sustainability and the circular economy. ”Said Rafael Kato, senior managing editor of LinkedIn Latin America and Spain News. "With the launch of the first LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability list, we want to recognize these professionals and amplify their conversations to contribute to the generation of an informed professional network connected to caring for the environment," he concluded.

Here is the full list of LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability in alphabetical order:

  1. Adrian Gomez Balboa - Environmental Director of Ramboll in Latin America
  2. Enrique Lendo - Coordinator of the sustainable finance project of the UN Environment Program
  3. Francisco Velasco - CEO of Waste Cero
  4. Gabriela Lozano - Director of Innovation for Sustainability at Impactiia
  5. Isabel Studer Noguez - Director of the UCMX alliance at the University of California
  6. Julia González Romero - Lawyer specialized in infrastructure projects
  7. Maria Jose Treviño - Regional Director of Acclaim Energy Mexico
  8. Mariana Achirica Acosta - Lecturer on sustainability and circular economy issues
  9. Mauricio Bonilla - Executive Director of Global Compact Mexico
  10. Sergio Arnaud Galguera - Vice President of Renewable Energies at COMENER.

Additionally, this year's list recognizes Israel Hurtado , president of the Mexican Hydrogen Association, as a LinkedIn influencer when addressing issues related to the use of clean energy and green hydrogen in the industry of our country.

Finally, this list is part of LinkedIn's efforts to make Top Voices listings on a monthly basis, with different topics, with the aim of offering the more than 774 million users a glimpse of the most prominent voices on the most important issues. relevant in today's environment and amplify valuable conversations on the platform.