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The Martha Debayle brand continues to grow and now presents a collection made up of 100 styles

The empire of the businesswoman continues to grow and accumulate successes in her career.

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With the philosophy of bigger and bigger the better, entrepreneur Martha Debayle continues to expand her empire in the world of fashion . For the autumn-winter 2021 season, he did not want to conform and launched a collection with 100 different styles, a different marketing strategy and a campaign by Ivan Aguirre, a renowned Mexican fashion photographer.

Cortesía: Martha Debayle X Ivonne

She seeks to continue dressing Mexican women to empower them: “every year we have 365 opportunities to see ourselves and feel like a dream, no matter what we do or where we go,” says the businesswoman.

Entrepreneur en Español spoke with Martha Debayle about the new collection and how her step has evolved during these two years in Mexican fashion. It has taken a huge leap from the first to this fourth, now there are 100 styles, 28 types of fabrics from around the world, 18 prints and 9 colors, in addition to the black and white that characterize it.

This is inspired by the extravagance and luxury of European palaces, with a mixture of saturated colors with pastels, brocades and metallics, as well as flowing fabrics, velvet and satins, and of course the silhouettes that consumers have liked: spacious and well structured.

Image: Courtesy Martha Debayle X Ivonne

Entrepreneur en Español (EN): How do you feel after four Martha Debayle x Ivonne collections?

Martha Debayle (MD): It's amazing to see how projects are evolving and how much is being learned at every step. Today we already had 3 "bombings" with spectacular collections that have shown us that Mexican women love to dress with style, with attitude, that they dare and that they feel divine, and I love being part of that. To be able to contribute to raising the threshold of merit for Mexican women with good quality clothing, good fabrics, well made, with design and at an affordable price. Entering the clothing business is just one more way to continue with the philosophy we have of giving tools to help our audience build a better version of themselves.

EN: As a business woman, what is the difference from the first to this last collection?

MD: The first was a kind of experiment, I love fashion, I am obsessed with it, and I wanted to see if it was possible to develop iconic, elegant and glamorous pieces that a market like Mexico would like, I found in Ivonne the ideal partner, and it worked!!

For this new collection, which is already the fourth, going through another two super successful and two years ( of pandemic ) later, it is very different because it is the largest we have made, and therefore the most ambitious, because we will not stop delivering new styles throughout the season.

There are a total of 100 different styles in this Fall Winter 2021 that will go through the fixed corners that we have both in Liverpool and in Ivonne so that they can always find something different and divine, especially for these special events that we already dare to go to. And they are reason enough to see and feel spectacular!

EN: Will it be a permanent collaboration? Can we expect more in the future?

MD: 100% !! The intention is that this collaboration will last us for much longer . We are very happy working together, we understand each other very well and we have a very aligned vision of how together we can develop something very powerful in the fashion industry.

But in reality it is the consumer who will dictate the pattern, as in all consumer products businesses, if they continue to like what we do and continue to buy from us, we continue to create spectacular things for them. You know that I never stop creating and working, and I make sure to dedicate time to continue having fun with fashion and new ideas for what comes in the following seasons.

EN: In each collection we saw a different marketing and communication strategy. For what is this?

MD: This is how it should be, always looking for an angle, a concept, a different approach to inspire consumers to continue with us and our proposals. It is our responsibility to be innovative and creative, listen to what audiences ask and need and that they feel close and relevant to the way they consume our products and content , since it is not only about launching campaigns, but about connecting by talking about things. that we are both interested in, that unite us and that we have in common.

Image: Courtesy Martha Debayle X Ivonne

EN: What's next for the Martha Debayle brand?

MD: It is very important for me to take care of and grow the products with my brand that are already out there: fashion clothing and accessories as well as the MD Hair Tech line of shampoos; and be very strategic with the new projects in which we are going to get involved to generate a virtuous ecosystem that really adds.

You already know that if I am going to do something, I am going to do it well, big and in abundance. So, we will continue dedicated to the innovation of the hair care products that we have on the market today, and to extend the line, seeking to grow its distribution to other markets where we are not today. With clothes there is much to do ... and yes, we have new things in the pipeline for 2022, of which we will be able to give you details later.

The campaign will last a whole month and every fortnight more pieces will be unveiled. It is already available in physical and online stores in Ivonne and Liverpool .

Now we can only wait to see what the future holds for this kingdom that Martha Debayle has built.