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Circle of Suppliers and ANTAD sign an alliance to boost the competitiveness of SMEs

Certification can be achieved within seven days.

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Circle of Suppliers and the National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD) signed an alliance to encourage small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to find new marketing channels, in addition to encouraging certainty in commercial relationships between buyers and suppliers , through the ANTAD.Biz platform.

Cortesía ANTAD

One of the main objectives of this collaboration is to strengthen the integration of suppliers to the supply chain through, a platform that provides entrepreneurs with different digital tools from a microsite to promote their products and services, to the report of analysis of suppliers and sustainable trade. Currently, it has more than 68 thousand stores throughout the country and suppliers in more than 500 categories.

Through this collaboration, Círculo de Suppliers will give companies a standardized report that obeys ten aspects, among which are: situation and legal constitution of the company, financial soundness, fiscal and credit situation, aspects of operation and quality, sustainable trade practices and compliance with labor issues.

The certification process aims to help companies in various ways, in the Suppliers Circle report the SMEs are indicated their areas of opportunity, as well as those in which they must work in order to obtain a better qualification and be able to establish commercial relationships with larger companies. This process is automatic and fully digital. Certification can be achieved within seven days.

Likewise, the alliance between the Circle of Suppliers and ANTAD also has benefits for the companies associated with this body, since they can establish business relationships with certified suppliers of guaranteed quality, in addition to the fact that buyers have a comprehensive overview of the supplier for a better decision making. In the same sense, doing business with certified companies allows you to avoid reputational problems.