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Headed by Aakash Anand, Bella Vita Organic was initially a salon chain headed by Aakash’s mother and sister, in Gurugram. Instead of using chemical salon products from other brands, they focused on using their own natural homemade formulations from their own kitchen. The demand of these formulations grew as the customers liked these more than branded products. That’s when Aakash came up with the idea to bottle these up and started getting these products manufactured in late 2018. Aakash realised earlier that D2C was going to become a huge phenomenon, and thus decided to enter the market with his own brand with the inception of Bella Vita Organic.

BellaVita Organic

The defining moment in Aakash’s career came when he decided to leave his well-paid job to start this brand from scratch. Since then, the brand has scaled at a rapid pace by going from 0-100 Crore within 36 months. Bella Vita Organic has picked up pace with two acquisitions already and another three to be completed within a span of 45 days.This staggering speed of acquisitions has never been witnessed before. While for the world, 2020 will widely be remembered as the year of the pandemic as everything underwent a lockdown and markets crashed worldwide, which made people adapt to a new normal. Aakash believes that the Work-from-Home period had its advantages and disadvantages with the advantages being one could hold a meeting at

a single moment’s notice but the disadvantage was that there were no face-to-face interactions of the people which left them wanting some real human interaction. Aakash’s management style that is 100% democratic led Bella Vita Organic to reach the summit even though their meteoric rise continues. The next step for Bella Vita Organic and Aakash Anand is expanding its omnichannel, International as well as offline presence. One major challenge Aakash has faced during his time as a CEO is the acquisition of talent. According to him, finding talent has been tough as people have either started their own ventures or got CXO positions in other organizations. Aakash Anand on running a D2C startup,

“One should run a company like a business and not run it just for the sake of raising funds.”