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DiDi Food celebrates two years and is already the application with the most restaurants in Mexico

In its commitment to being an everyday dining option, DiDi Food has the lowest base delivery fee. Its restaurant offer in the app already adds more than 6 million dishes below 100 pesos.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Two years after its arrival in Mexico, DiDi Food continues to write its history in the country hand in hand with more than 50,000 affiliated restaurants and more than one million visits a day, in 70 cities and with 80,000 registered distributors.

Two years ago, the platform's expansion plans were ambitious, but gradual. He never imagined that a health contingency would arrive to accelerate the plans, but even less, that it would play a crucial role in sustaining the restaurant industry.

In 2020, DiDi Food went from starting the year with three cities to closing it with 30 in the Mexican Republic. The growth of the app during the contingency represented an unimaginable challenge and a great responsibility. Thanks to the great reception it has had in the cities in which it is present and to the trust of restaurants, distributors and users, this last year it has consolidated its presence in Mexico and extended its presence to 70 cities in Mexico and six countries: Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Costa Rica, Colombia and soon to the Dominican Republic.

“We are very grateful to Mexicans for placing their trust in our platform and allowing us to be a key ally in digitization and economic recovery in these challenging times. We faithfully believe that the success of our platform comes only after ensuring the interest of our community: users, delivery people, restaurants and together with them, so many families and businesses that depend on this industry ”, mentioned María-Pia Lindley, general director of DiDi Food Mexico.

In its commitment to being an option to eat every day, not only does it have the lowest base delivery rate and does not charge a service fee, but the offer of the restaurants in the app already adds more than 6 million dishes per under 100 pesos.

This leads to being recognized as a platform that opens up new growth opportunities for restaurants, that generates economic opportunities for those who require it and that is growing the Food Delivery consumer market.

What do Mexicans prefer

As part of the great celebration for its second anniversary in Mexico, DiDi Food shares curious data about the preferences of users on the platform.

DiDi Food

Within the ranking of the application's star categories, there is first place Mexican food with its tacos al pastor , followed by the category of American food with hamburgers , the category of chicken that includes fried chicken, wings, boneless, and finally the Italian food category with the famous pizzas as the main dish.

Likewise, the preferred time for users to order through DiDi Food is for lunch, at 3:00 pm, while Mother's Day was the day with the highest number of requests in the application. It is a fact that Mexicans love to party and the most requested dish to celebrate a special occasion are tacos al pastor, while the most requested dish for “cruda” was chilaquiles .

To continue the celebration, from November 18 to 21 DiDi Food puts its most requested categories with up to 60% discount : Mexican, hamburgers, chicken and pizza. Check participating dishes and restaurants in the app.