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9 tips from founders for entrepreneurs starting a business

Having good planning, having a productive and committed team of talent, are some points that can help you successfully navigate this start-up stage.

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When starting a business it is common for doubts to arise, especially if you are a person who is just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship.

However, having good planning, having a viable business plan, with a productive and committed team of talent, are some points that can help you successfully navigate this start-up stage.

That is why, this time, I share 9 tips from Founders for entrepreneurs who are starting a business . Put them into practice and dare to take this great leap!

9 tips from Founders for entrepreneurs starting a business

1. “Create a product or service that solves any need in the market” , Javier Alejandro Gómez Sánchez, Founder of Corporativo G2

The first thing is to study and analyze if the product or service with which it is intended to undertake is going to solve any need in the market. Likewise, it is essential to know your potential clients to generate the correct marketing strategies, awaken interest in what you offer, use new technologies and what is in trend to generate that expectation of innovation. Finally, I consider that putting together a business plan is vital (you can use canvas models), as well as leaning on people who know the market. Guidance and guidance always helps to make better decisions.

2. “Don't wait for everything to be ready”, Johanna C. Ángel-Reyes, Founder of Acacia 360º

You don't have to wait for everything to be ready or for the right time to arrive, those perfect combinations don't always happen. But it is key that as an entrepreneur you project the ideas you have and that you generate an action plan. It does not matter if it seems that it is very small, the important thing is that you focus on what you can cover in the beginning and, based on that, grow your business little by little.

3. “Get 10 people to love what you do”, Rafael Hernández Zarate, Founder of Brixton Ventures Lab

A startup that is starting must focus on generating traction, that is, selling its product. That traction is achieved in two parts: one is to go for the clients and the other is to get 10 people to love what you do. You don't need 100 clients who like what you do, you only need 10 who love you. Finding those 10 customers means that you are building a product. Those people will be the ones who start recommending you and, through this feedback , your startup will grow and you will find that product market fit .

4. "Learn to choose the best corporate structure for your business" , Marcos Iran Herrera Mendoza, Founder of The Mx Code Solutions SA de CV

Something that is rarely discussed in business schools, courses or workshops, is the subject of researching and knowing how a company is structured. I believe that it is very important to know the obligations and benefits that are acquired when creating a business, as well as to be aware of the taxes that you will have to pay once you start generating income. This point will also influence your customers.

5. “Identify the differential value and the added value that you offer”, Ruben Ariff Alatorre Bernal, Founder of AlfonsoMarina

Study the market well, identify the differential value and the added value that you offer. Also, try to surround yourself with talent that complements your areas of opportunity and, above all, that have great determination and perseverance. It is essential to be willing to fail and learn from those mistakes in order to improve and continue to grow. There is no success without failure, there is a direct relationship and it is part of the process.

6. “Be flexible and be open to new ideas”, Jonatan De Peña Escaño, Founder of Apiarios De Peña SRL

Test your idea on a small scale, in a simple way and being very attentive. It is imperative that you have a flexible posture and that you are open to new ideas to make changes to your model.

7. “Focus on growth industries”, Alan Miranda, Co-Founder of Digital Lab Agency

Focus on growth industries while selling a simple solution to a problem. Also, work to find more clients so that you can validate your business model.

8. “Obtain data from the first moment”, Santiago Saviñon, Founder of 99minutos

Accumulate data since you start. Having the right metrics will help you know what to improve and what to focus on to get the growth and traction you need.

9. “Enjoy the process”, Fernando Alanis Espinosa, Founder of SATI

Enjoy the process very much, undertaking is not easy but it really is something very fun. You must be passionate about what you do, so that your path is enjoyable and enjoyable. On the other hand, keep in mind that your product or service does not have to be perfect. You can resort to selling small pilot tests at an affordable price, so that you can test it.

It is worth noting that, although starting a business entails a huge challenge, as Ricardo Quevedo H. , Founder of NeuroClase advises , it is key that “you undertake an idea that, in addition to being profitable, is an activity with which you really identify and motivate yourself. "