This Trainer Revolutionized Sports Training In 60 seconds

The first designs of Jack Lucas' Bownet were made in 2002 but remained inactive until 2007 when he met now partner Dave Nelson, an accomplished engineer

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In today’s world, hard work and commitment to a sport isn’t just reserved for professional athletes. The world’s greatest athletes begin refining their skills at a young age. To compete, young athletes must develop a level of commitment and dedication to practicing and improving. They need to train like a pro. But at the height of the pandemic, aspiring young athletes found the future of their careers uncertain as many sports clubs and teams’ seasons were put on hold until the pandemic subsided. Without normal access to training facilities, group practices, and coaching staff, athletes became solely responsible for their own training. But one southern California-based company offered the solution for these athletes to be ready for the moment they would get the call that their season was back on. Their orange nets began popping up in backyards, cul-de-sacs and even garages around the world, helping these young athletes to train anywhere. Introducing Bownet


Dreamt up from the garage of entrepreneur Jack Lucas in 2002, the first designs were created, but remained inactive until 2007 when Jack met now partner Dave Nelson, an accomplished engineer. Lucas and Nelson went on to create a company that would quickly make every other sports net or goal on the market obsolete. While a portable soccer net may not seem groundbreaking, it’s the patented Energy Absorption System (EAS) behind every Bownet that sets them apart from competitors. Bownet, Big Mouth and their EAS are additionally all registered trademarks. Built and designed to be assembled in 60 seconds or less, they’re portable and most importantly, able to withstand direct impact of balls and contact from the most elite players. This patented design allows Bownet products to sustain impact, without disrupting the integrity of the net itself. Providing durable training gear and equipment that is dually portable and easy to assemble, Bownet is the first of its kind to deliver professional grade products for on-the-go training for any playing level.

 With the closure of sports and training facilities worldwide, Bownet quickly became the pandemic-safe, effective solution for home training. In some cases, Bownet has even created complete training systems that have completely disrupted the youth training industry.  

“Success is never an accident,” Jack Lucas says. “Behind every success is a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and even a few ‘pandemics’.  You just have to keep playing the game.”

During COVID, Bownet became popular among parents who needed their children to remain active, by playing and practicing anywhere, whether their backyard or at a park with Bownet products. And now offering Afterpay, consumers are given the option to pay for their Bownet gear in installments, instead of all at once. The ability to buy these products directly from Bownet with the Afterpay option put professional grade equipment in the hands of aspiring champions. 

For those looking for a product that lasts, Bownet truly checks every box. Unlike any other sports net company, they additionally sell replacement parts for their equipment to sustain the product’s lifetime and longevity. After nearly 14 years of conceptualizing new and innovative sports equipment, Bownet continues to set the standard for portable, durable gear on the go, with their Big Mouth nets and products being some of the best-selling nets that are unmatched. Available in retailers all over the country, as well as through their website, Bownet remains the gold-standard of equipment for athletes of any age, whether little league or professional sports teams and organizations. With Bownet any athlete can train like a pro.