Time Freedom Is the Ultimate Goal Of Success

Robert Del Grande and Jonas Muthoni believe it is time to give up the rat race and chase the freedom to live a full and inspired life

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Most people spend their whole lives chasing their dreams, but in some cases, you find yourself pursuing something you may not be able to name just yet. According to Robert Del Grande and Jonas Muthoni, everyone craves time freedom in their life, even unknowingly. However, it isn't easy to achieve it with the current work setup. As a result, people spend their lives working to achieve that freedom, only to keep missing it.

(L-R) Robert Del Grande and Jonas Muthoni

Time is the greatest equalizer in existence. Everyone gets the same amount of hours in a day. As explained by Grande and Muthoni, the ultimate goal of success is to have complete control over that time. That means getting to dictate what you do with every second of your day without worrying about finances.

The promise of time freedom at the end of it all is what keeps many people focused on their pursuit of success. Everyone wants to succeed so they can slow down on work and enjoy their time. However, with the grim 9-to-5 schedule, this dream can seem impossible.

The millennial generation has stepped into the world stage, ready to stake their claim, and they want it all. Grande and Muthoni say millennials have shone a light on the possibility of time and financial freedom. This has also been made possible by the ongoing digital transformation. The Internet makes it possible for people to work from anywhere in the world, giving them more control over their daylight hours.

Time freedom doesn’t mean you no longer work, says Grande. All it means is that you have a lot more control. For instance, you get to work when you are productive, and no one requires you to clock in for a set amount of hours every day. Muthoni says that the rebellion kickstarted by millennials has opened peoples’ eyes to the need to break free.

Life is about more than just working all day to make money; make more of yours, says Grande. Muthoni echoes this, explaining that it is time to give up the rat race and chase the freedom to live a full and inspired life.