How Will Retail Sales Fare In the Coming Year?

There is an expectation of a surprise in 2022 as the world is taking a divisive turn next year

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In an ever-changing formation, the trends of retail sales in 2022 are expected to be bringing the freshness of the good old days of 2019. However, this is certainly sure that it is somewhat hard to predict the future in the present challenging times, where COVID is shockingly hitting human lives. Fortunately, various COVID vaccines around the world are making sure that the world is again coming to normality. Even in a country like India, where there is always a need for different elements to make a campaign look suitable, the vaccination program is indeed helping fashion brands to see a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to predicting a better 2022 for retail stores.


In 2020 and 2021, COVID waves did play the biggest role in hitting objectives and short-term goals of retail sales and trends. However, the fast-approaching 2022 is aimed as the year where it can lead retail brands to set goals for the short and long term. Hence, the mega fashion industry is again looking to come with new and fresh ideas for setting a new vibe of hope. As negative vibes hit every industry in the last two years, every field is looking for bringing positive plans that can make a change.

The ongoing pandemic has made the world understand the value of sanitization and making things better in this brick-and-mortar world with the help of a collective effort. Hence, it directly plays an impact in fashion brands coming with new ideas to make their statement with the assistance of interspersion communication as it is the biggest tool of having a retail presence.  

As the online world is hitting targets very well, retail stores are planning to come with fast-performing deliveries that can’t impact their ability to hit numbers as they used to do as the expectations of fashion retail stores would be much better than 2021. It is not the objective but does look to be a purpose to compete with other markets that are trending.

Globally, 2022 is expected to be the year of people celebrating golden moments more than 2021 and 2020. It makes one thing clear that shopping at retail stores will be about attire related to marriages or holidays. These are two important parts of human lives that COVID took massively. Hence, there is always an expectation of a sell-out in these sectors.

Talking about the industry growth of retail sales trends, in 2018, the US generated $6 trillion from retail sales. The same might not be the case in 2022. However, there is expected to be a positive growth that does work very well in the favour of fashion brands. By 2024, India's e-commerce industry is set to grow by 84 per cent. It is a huge rise; however, there is always room for retail sales as many are now feeling that it is crucial to have family moments. If people are looking forward to going to stores, then the chances of growth are always there. The element of fear of the virus is also going down, which is a very good aspect in terms of generating growth. 

Pro-environmental products

Every brand is now looking for suitability. Before 2020, it was a good idea hailed by some. However, the case is looking different now. With the impact of just one virus, the whole world is changing in a formation. Hence, consumers are expected to feel connected with pro-environmental products. The very reason is forcing retail stores to show more of pro-world-protecting plans to captivate people to know how much they care about sustainability. Some of the brands have made an aim even to be fully environmental friendly by 2030, while others are also adding their plans in the race for making an impact.

This is seen as a very good move as it does help Planet Earth to sustain and make things better rather than pushing for another global lookdown which might be very hard to take for everyone. So, pro-environmental products will be on the line.

Even sports-inspired clothes might be the best area to look forward to as it provides better protection and makes things better for the customer who also thinks about health more than ever before. So, the retail sales might be adding profits from having an element of sports clothing in non-sporting items for making an impact which is very crucial for everyone.

Also, there is the expectation of a surprise in 2022 as the world is taking a divisive turn next year. So by the end of next year, there can be a boom in the retail sales trends. Hence, there will be many unexpected trends coming and setting new standards. It is a win-win situation for the consumer at the end of the day.