Story Of a Rising CEO Of Canadian CBD One-stop-shop

Ayurcann Holdings, led by CEO Igal Sudman, is one of Canada's youngest but most distinguished and nominated cannabis extraction and processing companies. The CEO reveals Ayurcann's 2022 strategic plan to key investors

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Founded in 2018, Ayurcann Holdings Corporation has since blossomed into one of Canada’s most promising cannabis extraction and production operations. The company, which was established at the genesis of Canada’s legalization of recreational Cannabis by Co-Founders Igal Sudman and Roman Buzaker, has capitalized on the market’s main needs – earning the reputation of an “all in one” service provider. Today, Ayurcann supplies its clients with an extensive cannabis-oriented services including extraction, refinement, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution services. Ayurcann also has its own research and development licence and lab in-house and it has been able to produce new CBD pharma grade products.

Igal Sudman

Over the last year, Ayurcann has positioned itself as a leading company in the highly competitive Canadian cannabis market. The operation has been able to capture a growing market share on multiple fronts. It has established itself as a major wholesale supplier for THC and CBD products and services for other recreational market producers and has created an online marketplace in order to be able to directly supply medical patients premium CBD products and devices such as tincture, vapes and topicals.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, shutdowns and other legal limitations have affected businesses as well as regulatory laws across the globe – nevertheless, Ayurcann has continued to advance its product line and strategic partnerships. In 2021, the company signed multiple supply agreements with distributors to enter mass distribution in the Canadian market.

Presently, Ayurcann Holdings Corp. is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: AYUR) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE: 3ZQ0), maintaining a balanced average stock price and generating major gains for its initial investors. As many American states continue to advance more open cannabis legalization, enabling a sizeable and substantial market just south of Canada’s border, Ayurcann is potentially planning another round of fundraising to considerably expand its operational capacity as well as its M&A activity. According to Co-Founder and CEO Igal Sudman, Ayurcann is not only utilizing its efficiencies but also using technology constantly adjust its exposure and profitability in the cannabis market.

Ayurcann is a leading post-harvest solution provider with a focus on providing and creating custom processes and pharma-grade Products for the adult-use and medical cannabis industry in Canada. We offer brands and licensed producers the ability to produce products, co–package, manufacture, fulfill orders and sell into the legal markets.

While we believe that the cannabis market is not dissimilar in its evolution from other nascent markets, early players must be self-sufficient as there is a shortage of qualified 3rd party service providers. Since service providers develop expertise and utilize economies of scale to offer services more competitively than companies can do in-house, the industry matures, companies specialize and develop competitive advantages in certain segments of the value chain (cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, branding). Today, Ayurcann is properly positioned to capitalize on that natural evolution.

In the recreational cannabis industry, there is a limited technological advantage to producers and manufacturers, but Ayurcann is all about efficient use of capital and processes to enable profitability. We are the only company that has been profitable in the space from day one of operations. Our company is laser focused on efficiency, speed to market, market share and ability to provide products and services at a value that resonates with consumers.

In the medical space, in recent years, Ayurcann has implemented its own research and development license. We aim to increase our R&D abilities in order to continue to develop pharmaceutical grade products and introduce the company further into the marketplace. Currently, we produce CBD that is tested at over 100 per cent cannabinoids, which is later incorporated into our unique and innovative products.

Ayurcann intends to take advantage of market opportunities in Canada and around the globe, having the ability to provide R&D, manufacturing services and access to the legal Canadian market enables us to create partnerships with national and international brands in both the recreational and pharmaceutical industries.

In this industry, market flexibility is one of our paramount assets and an advantage that I believe we can utilize in branding Ayurcann further. We are additionally continuing to make sure that all of our products and services are provided in a fast and cost-effective manner. The management team, myself includes, fervently believe that over the years all of Ayurcann’s formidable work and careful development strategy has been the key to our winning formula.

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