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2021 has surely been a year that has made us sit up to look at today towards tomorrow. Overall and against all odds, startup capital has charged full steam ahead with over 25 billion dollars invested in 2021 alone and over 41 new unicorns hitting the circuit, eclipsing all previous annual records well before the end of 2021. The Exit valuations are smashing from the coveted billion-dollar deals in 2021 to five billion or more in the frame of a single year. There is a huge demand for mega-deals and small and big Funds are competing to vow the right startup in their portfolio. M&As and IPOs are further driving the tempo of the growth capital market as startups become the next generation of great publicly traded companies.

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The Year-end issue and our headline story spotlight Top capitalists and where their money has flowed in 2021 while sharing an outlook for 2022. The exclusive Investor insights that take us through the most coveted angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity maestros, and public market investors and a look at the startups whose people, ideas, technologies, products, and markets will literally be the ‘What’s Next in Business’. Technology was the most actively invested sector in October 2021 with US$3.6 billion in PE/VC investments across 30 deals. The issue not only captures reflections on 2021 milestones but also has predictions for 2022 for the tech sector and VC space more broadly.

Stock markets are in a frenzy, both during upswings and downswings. And the recent listing of startups has added to the buzz. Entrepreneur India deep-dives to find the impact these IPOs will have in the short and long term on the entire space. Would it Deter New Startup IPO's or would the trend continue?

NFTs are hot and revolutionizing the art and entertainment world. Would the glory last or fade away or evolve?

Our special SaaS feature uncovers why India is sitting on an industry maintaining its halo. The story uncovers the SaaS ecosystem and how the growth will be unlocked in the next five years.

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