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Cool Clicks 6/01

Stopping online fraud, memorable jingles on the cheap and finding out what employees are paid

Fraud-Stoppers: The Worldwide E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Network, a nonprofit formed by American Express and its coalition partners (which include and, has launched a new Web help businesses combat online fraud. The site aims to keep stolen credit card numbers out of circulation and prevent their use on e-tailing sites.

Jingle Sales: No, you don't need Intel's millions to build an audio brand. A new crop of Web sites promises memorable jingles on the cheap, with packages starting as low as $1,500. Well worth checking out: Thesonicbrandcompany,, and Imaginationmusic. Audio files come in a variety of formats, including Flash G2 Real Player and MP3.

What They're Payin': These days, you probably don't have to worry about employees jumping ship to work for a hot new dotcom, but that doesn't mean you can slack off in the compensation department. Stay on track with, a free service that not only tells you what types of benefits and salaries are expected in different areas of the country, but also provides negotiation tactics along with data and research on the subject. The site covers thousands of job titles in a variety of industries, so you'll have the info you need to hire and retain top talent for your business.

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