On the trail of Wayne Rogers (aka Trapper John), because we hear he's a "big businessman"
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There's more to Wayne Rogers than just sitcoms, miniseries and the occasional movie of the week. According to his PR people, the former star of the TV series M*A*S*H (remember Trapper John?) is now a "big businessman." What does that mean? Well, I set out in search of Mr. Rogers on the Internet to find out what the story is.

First, there's the "Wayne Rogers bodysuit," which I discovered is an underwear/T-shirt one-piece. Did Rogers invent it? Nope, different guy. Honestly, could you imagine Trapper in spandex?

I also found out that Rogers recorded a religious album titled "The Fire of God." When further research showed that Rogers has an association with Bill Gates (he authored an MS Word calendar template), it begged the question, Can you sing for God and work for the devil? Probably not, because neither Wayne Rogers is our man.

After running into so many dead-ends, I gave up on finding Rogers on my own and decided to give his PR people another crack at explaining the actor's entrepreneurial prowess. After I was transferred twice, a friendly woman informed me that the "real" Wayne Rogers is part-owner of Kleinfeld's, an upscale New York City bridal shop, and is also the "exceedingly active" chairman and CEO of Swifty Serve, which is the nation's largest privately held convenience store chain. Maybe Rogers' role in the 1984 movie He's Fired, She's Hired came in handy, after all.

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