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Invest In Your Employees

Tuition reimbursement is the benefit that keeps on giving.

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Looking for an employee benefit that delivers a big bang for thebuck? Consider tuition reimbursement.

"If you invest in your employees, it comes back," saysMichelle Lemmons-Poscente, 39, president and CEO of InternationalSpeakers Bureau Inc. in Dallas. Lemmons-Poscente's 30-employeecompany pays 50 percent of the cost of any personal or businessdevelopment course taken by employees who have been on board atleast six months. "We only pay 50 percent because we want theemployee to be 100 percent committed, and we believe that if theyhave skin in the game, they are much more so," sheexplains.

Tuition reimbursement works as a benefit employees appreciatewhile enhancing their value to the company as their knowledge andskills increase.

Excerpted from "Doing TheirHomework" in the May 2001 issue of Entrepreneurmagazine.

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