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Pixie Campbell, owner of Napcake

Why taking naps is good for business

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Pixie Campbell loves to sleep. But after working in the fast-paced clothing manufacturing industry for 10 years, Campbell struggled to find time for a mid-afternoon nap. To remedy that, she founded Napcake, her homebased Pine Mountain, California, business that manufactures pajamas for women who want to live their lives in a playful, restful manner.

Using her extensive knowledge of clothing manufacturing, Campbell, 29, began her dream-inspired business in June 2000. She currently sells her six sets of American-made pajamas via wholesale, retail and her Web site, and her sales have tripled in the past six months. Today she talks with on why taking naps has helped her business-and why they can do the same for you. What made you want to start Napcake?

Pixie Campbell: I worked in a pretty fast-paced industry in manufacturing in L.A. for about 10 years, manufacturing anything from vinyl club clothes to ball gowns, so I started Napcake because the working hours were so intense and I was so stressed out all the time. None of the companies I worked for was really [forward-thinking]-in that some [emerging] companies are so great about letting people bring their kids and dogs to work and allowing people to take breaks and things like that. And I really wanted to start a company that had its foundation based in those values and philosophies.

Also, for me personally, I had a really hard time just taking a nap and resting when I was tired. I had this industry mentality of getting up, going to work, being there for 12 hours a day, coming home, crashing out and then just never really taking care of myself. So the self-care and self-nurturing emerged.

"Technically and medically speaking, I think we're an under-rested society. And I think if you're going to be productive in work-at least if I want to be productive in work-you've got to be well-rested." Why is taking naps good for business?

Campbell: Technically and medically speaking, I think we're an under-rested society. And I think if you're going to be productive in work-at least if I want to be productive in work-you've got to be well-rested. The funny thing is, Napcake was conceived in sort of a half-sleep dream while I was indulging in naps, which is great, because I have a lot of creative ideas when I'm napping. If I find myself being overwhelmed with work, or I just can't get an idea, then I just take a nap, and it usually comes to light. How do you go about advertising Napcake?

Campbell: I haven't done any targeted e-mail or anything like that-I'm looking into it. And if I wanted to spend advertising dollars, I would spend it on beefing up my Web site traffic. Last year I advertised in Martha Stewart Wedding and in one national magazine. I only did one run because the company was on such a strict budget, and it was a very expensive ad. Other than that, I haven't advertised anywhere. Basically, it's word-of-mouth. I've been pushing that. It's great. People aren't just receiving your nebulous ad or looking at your ad. They're actually hearing about it because they want to or they're connected in some way. Your Web site mentions that your mission is to "play wildly, rest often, live consciously and responsibly, and enjoy the world's many beauties." Why do you think it's so important to enjoy your downtime?

Campbell: I think downtime for most people is a rarity. And if you don't enjoy your downtime, then you'll find your life just slipping by you.