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Keep Growing . . . And Growing . . .

Going solo doesn't mean you have to put a cap on expansion of your business. You just have to want to grow.

This story appears in the June 2001 issue of

When Krista Bard started Bard Associates in 1985, she was looking for a challenge. Dissatisfied with her situation at the time, she started the -based integrated marketing and consulting firm with the assurance that she had the know-how to do it properly. "There was this driving need to keep moving, and I was looking for greater satisfaction," says the homebased . "I wanted to find something that was more fun, satisfying and challenging."

Unlike many first-time entrepreneurs, Bard was confident in her ability to run her own successfully. "I got to see all the different ways people did it [at my other jobs], whether by their bootstraps or with a lot of funding," explains Bard, who previously worked for the Department of Interior as well as an entrepreneurial company. "Since I was exposed to entrepreneurs before, I knew that it was really just a matter of saying, 'Yes, I will; yes, I can.' "

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