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Easy Does It?

Instant e-commerce storefronts are quick, but that doesn't mean they make your job easy.

This story appears in the June 2001 issue of

We've all seen them: low-quality stores, featuring cluttered pages and product photographs that make your mom's 1974 Polaroids look good. With embarrassments like these on the Web, building your own online store can be a scary task.

This is precisely why many entrepreneurs turn to storefront-building programs to get their online stores up and running. McKinnon Baxter, for instance, was able to create a storefront for his ergonomic furniture Web site using Yahoo!'s store-building interface. "After doing my research, I found that Yahoo! was the easiest way to start," explains Baxter, founder of Bozeman, -based Internet Channel Network Inc., a network of channels and the parent company of as well as, a spin-off web site dedicated to a popular ergonomic chair. Says Baxter, who works from his home office in Bozeman, Montana, "It was very low-risk, and I felt like they already had a built-in customer base that I wanted to tap into."

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