This Startup Reinvents How Pet Portraits Can Make Your Pet Feel

The team uses the latest technology to convert your pet photo into an adorable pet portrait

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There is no surprise that pet owners spend lots of money on purchasing high-quality food and grooming supplies for their pets.

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Searching for an online company expert in providing hand-illustrated custom pet portraits can be time consuming. Creating pet portraits is an art form and can help you capture the character of dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Therefore, many pet lovers agree on this as the best way to pamper their pets.

We help pet owners to order custom pet portraits online. Moreover, our team uses the latest technology to convert your pet photo into an adorable pet portrait. We have an excellent customer base because we have a team of experts that ensure that you will get a seamless and high-quality service.  We can guarantee that you’ll not get this type of high-quality service from anywhere else.

Homeowners are creating unique spaces for their pets, especially during this COVID-19 times where people spend most of their time indoorsMake sure you choose a great artist to draw your portrait to ensure you’re happy with the end result.

Pet portraits are hanging on walls in countless homes. The company you choose should have received plenty of positive feedback. That shows that they believe in quality rather than quantity. The main focus is on creating portraits that reflect your pet’s personality. 

5 Pro Tips for a Pet Portrait with Owner

If you’re failing to capture the best photos with your pet, then follow the below-given tips and get your favorite pet portrait.

Capture a Photo When Your Pet Is Nearby

If you have an active pet, your gallery must be full of funny videos. But unfortunately, you might not have a single photo that can help you get a good pet portrait. Isn’t it?  So, the best way is to capture an image with your pet when it lies down nearby or is ready to sleep. You can capture a great photo by allowing your pet to fall asleep in your lap.

Going for a Walk Is the Best Option

If you think that you can’t take the best photo on a sunny day with your pet, then you’re wrong. If there is a park near your home or you have a garden, go there with your pet. You and your pet can lie down on the grass and ask someone to capture this amazing photo. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to ask your active pet to lie down on the grass. Therefore, get their attention by offering some delicious treats.

Play with Your Pet

If you’re not sure how to convert your pet’s bad mood into a good one, then this tip is for you. Playing with your pet will make it happy, and you can capture this moment.

Hold Your Pet in Your Arms

Most pets don’t like to be held this way, but it’s a perfect way to show your love for your pet. Don't let it go whenever you get an opportunity to have a pet in your arms. It can turn out to be the best pet portrait with the owner when you capture this moment.

A Family Portrait Isn’t a Bad Idea

Most pet owners consider their pets as their family members. So, when you take a family photo, ensure that your pet is also present in that picture. You can capture this photo on your lawn. Some pets don’t like to go outside; if it’s the case with your pet, you can arrange a cozy photoset in your home. But, you’ll enjoy this family portrait with a pet.

So, once you succeed in capturing some best photos with your pet, don’t keep them in your phone gallery. Get a pet portrait made.