NFT Dragons Metaverse Emerged: Legendary Dragons are the New Trend

Legendary CryptoDragon owners started earning real money only 3 days after the Metaverse launched!

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So this is it. CryptoDragons Metaverse emerged and, as it was intended, the platform started to generate income for its special NFTs' holders - Legendary dragon owners.

Company Handout

As announced earlier, the CryptoDragons platform created the income-generating NFTs which would generate income to their owners for simply holding these assets: Legendary Dragon is the earning NFT, which should regularly receive the 50% of all breeding commissions charged by the platform.

The Metaverse emerged on December 25 and earning technology has already begun to work right after the minting and hatching. The platform is delivering what it promised: the owners started earning real money - around 4 ETH for each Legendary Dragon owner in just 3 days after the Metaverse launch. This means more than 20k transactions were performed generating around 80 ETH. Just like it was indicated from the beginning the income distribution rewards Legendaries in the Crossbreeding contract on the blockchain.

Breed an earning dragon

The NFT dragons’ breeding mechanism and the algorithms behind it are invented so that anyone can get the Legendary dragon as a result of the process. The chances are not high, but the opportunity is there: the example of a recent case where 2 Common Dragons breeding gave birth to an Epic Dragon with 24 genes. The transparency allows you to see and check this as everything is on the blockchain.

While the project is delivering what was promised, not everything is going smoothly.

“Problems at the start are normal, and we will work very hard to fix everything soon,” says Nari, the CEO, and co-founder of CryptoDragons.

It is very common, as in every newly launched project, especially, with such complex architecture technical problems are inevitable. Those are being tracked and fixed consistently by the CryptoDragons squad.

“Problems at the start are normal, and we are working very hard to fix everything ASAP. In the gaming industry, even huge companies and projects are normally having issues and problems during the first days after release.

We are creating a whole new Metaverse and thus there can be some difficulties at the start. However, those will be gone soon, so no need to worry. The most important part is that blockchain transactions are working properly and nothing is lost”,- says George, the head of the Development team.

The Future Improvements and Plans for CryptoDragons Metaverse

Here we must pay tribute to the whole team. From the very beginning, the project had a full-fledged Roadmap and it’s delivering what was promised. So, shortly CrypoDragons plans to do several technical updates as well as introduce a variety of new additions.

Things to look forward to on the CryptoDragons Metaverse


  • Arena reopening

The platform has temporarily closed the Arena section, as there were minor problems on the website. However, CryptoDragons members can come and see how the battling will work through the video provided. As the CryptoDragons team states, it is one of the highest priorities to reopen the Arena and bring it to the best working conditions.

  • UI/UX changes and improvements

The team is planning to do UI/UX improvements and is open to the suggestions and comments brought by the community members especially on their Discord channel with almost 100k members. Compared to other projects, this is a large community of supporters.


  • New functionality related to Eggshells

Eggshells will become more valuable:

“We are planning to expand the project, and for the first step we are announcing the extra value of the Eggshells in the Metaverse. We have already announced several times that Eggshell will have its special utility for the gaming part and now it's the time for more information concerning that. Those who have Eggshells will be able to mix them to get a Special Ingredient. This Special Ingredient can elicit some mutations in the Firstborn Dragons and you will see a special, new type of Dragon, very limited in its collection and with very unique characteristics”,- says George.

Eggshells can also be used for battles: dragons can eat them before the battle and receive extra strength.

The mutation function will be available for the Firstborn Dragons only, as they have a “connection” with the Eggshell.

Eggs are limited (it’s a limited collection of 10k Eggs) and the platform will not release any Dragon Eggs. Thus this is а “depleting” collection and with the development of the Metaverse, there are fewer Dragon Eggs left daily. This leads to an increase in the value of unbroken Eggs over time.

Also, the Dragon Eggs have their special value as being unique pieces of digital art and representing an exceptional blockchain technology where an NFT Egg has another NFT inside.

CryptoDragons’ Egg holders had a chance to witness this “blockchain birth” and saw how their Dragon Eggs turned into Eggshells and another NFT of the Dragon itself appeared on their wallets.

  • Closed sections of the website are available only for the Firstborn owners.

Soon we will introduce new sections of the website which will be accessible only for the Firstborn Dragon owners. One of these sections is the “lab” where you can combine the possessed Eggshells and get Special Ingredients with unique patterns and characteristics which will turn Firstborn into a completely new Dragon. Each firstborn Dragon owner can mutate their NFTs only once, so the Special Ingredient should be selected with due care. Thus the mutated Firstborns will make a separate very rare and special collection.

The Giveaway of the Year!

Together with @RaritySniperNFT CryptoDragons also announced the biggest NFT giveaway, with a value exceeding $250k: the Legendary Dragon Egg and its Certificate made from pure Gold is the prize.

The team also is planning a big marketing campaign for 2022 which will start right after they fix all the issues on the website. The campaign will furtherly fuel the development of CryptoDragons Metaverse.

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