Definitive Handbook on Fortifying Your Digital Footprint

Anil Dobani shares how brands can leverage robust technology tools in problem-solving and align business innovations with customer expectations

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Technology is key to building a robust business brand in today’s hyper-competitive market space. From driving business processes and cost efficiencies to solving business and customer-centric problems – the space for technology solutions in business is getting bigger. With a keen appreciation of technology's role in business innovation, Anil Dobani shares how brands can fortify their digital footprint.  

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Business Innovation and Technology 

Businesses that want to establish their brand in the digital space need to leverage robust technology tools in problem-solving and to help align business innovations with customer expectations. The pandemic has further added to a growing sense of urgency in tech adoption among businesses today.                                                                                              

One such innovation that is gathering steam is remote work. Brands and individuals can use remote work tech to innovate and build on how they connect with talent, solutions, and customers. “Remote work represents the future,” states Anil Dobani. 

He explains that the pandemic also forced businesses to shift from traditional brick-and-motor fronts to building a digital presence for their brands. Here again, businesses had to quickly ramp up their digital marketing and tech solution adoption. Digital marketing, however, is about blending tech with the requisite talent. 

Technology is the Future of Business 

Technology in business is only going to grow in prominence. Businesses will have to step up and embrace technology adoption to stay competitive. A fact that Anil Dobani cannot reiterate enough. 

Technology can prove to be highly instrumental in keeping businesses and brands moving forward while providing them with the space to introduce necessary changes and innovate. And as was more than evident, technology helped businesses tide over the jarring impact of the pandemic to a large extent. 

Anil Dobani’s passion for business and consumer technology solutions helped him take his success to great lengths. He focused on the strategic use of technology in motivating the right talent to pursue business goals – both in the present and going forward in the future.