When Beer & Biceps Make Ran-Veer Run

Ranveer Allahbadia, aka BeerBiceps, is a digital content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur and an investor

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He brews, envisions, executes, repeats content. Meet the man who ferments his ideas and keeps the show going. He is Ranveer Allahbadia, aka BeerBiceps. 

Shot by: Subi Samuel, denims by Numero Uno

“I always wanted to get into the startups scenario. Content creation in 2015 seemed like a great way to market my startup then. Eventually, I realized that it's possible to scale a YouTube channel, a social media profile, monetize it and treat it like a startup. Being a content creator was never my plan but I am glad I went down this route. Now, we have gone back to the world of startups, thanks to the Cloud we have developed over time,” said the digital content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur and investor.

At present, he has a fan base of 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.73 million subscribers on YouTube. Spilling his success mantra, he said, “When you want to stop, remember why you started.”

“I came up with BeerBiceps because I realized there was a serious lack of good fitness content in the Indian Internet scenario. I also promoted the idea of balanced fitness instead of being overly-obsessed with it. The underlying aim was to market a startup that we launched around the same time.”

For him the audience matters the most. “We read the comment section a lot and get feedback in terms of what people wish to see next. We also study our numbers intensely. We have an internal brainstorming team; a team that runs the entire channel. There is never a shortage of ideas. If at all, there is some sort of creative block, we take a break, travel and refuel ourselves with creativity.” 

Sharing the recipe of his successful content creation, he said, “The sound quality is very important and is extremely underrated. Furthermore, the script and decent filming equipment/lighting are an imperative part. You can use a phone camera but ensure that the lighting is fantastic. Additionally, an out-of-box idea and engaging content are the key to successful content creation.”

Ranveer Allahbadia has worked with brands such as Amazon Fashion, The Jupiter App, Nurture Farm, Samsung India, RazorPay, BPL India, Gillette India, Cello World, Uniqlo India, upGrad, Men of Platinum, Fitternity, CRED, Alchemlife, Vivo India, Toothsi Aligners, Syska, Great Learning, OK Cupid India, among many others. 

Success always comes with a lot of baggage and for content creators trolls are  part of the process. “You have to understand that when you enter the industry, trolls are part of it. This is  the reality of the content world. Don’t take anything personally. There is a difference between trolls and people who genuinely mean well for you. Take constructive feedback and filter the rest! ”

For the aspiring content creators, he shared, “Get into a habit of writing, especially when you are feeling very creative and inspired. Write down a lot of ideas because that becomes your raw material. Learn the theory of social media and video creation, because the future of content is entirely video-driven.”

The year 2022 will offer a platter full of new content for his fans. “We are going to put out one extra video than usual on our flagship YouTube channel, more of the good stuff, that's the only strategy. On the startup front, there are a lot of plans. That’s where we are really deciding intensely and trying to launch a product. Something that I really wanted to do is finally taking shape and that's the big story for me.”