What Happened In Gym Did Not Stay In Gym

Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast, flight captain, national level bodybuilder and vlogger, has been in the public eye ever since his fitness video went viral

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He did not choose to be a content creator, content chose him. Always a fitness enthusiast, Gaurav Taneja’s life changed when a workout video went viral. “I was at the gym working out, teaching my friend about tricep training, when he decided to go live. Soon, I was flooded with requests for my next videos,” said Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast, flight captain, national level bodybuilder and vlogger. Taneja’s tryst with fitness started when he was studying in IIT-Kharagpur.

Gaurav Taneja

He was never keen about his channel until he realized he had already garnered a huge following with his fitness content in YouTube. Soon, he ventured into vlogging. Today he has 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 7.08 million followers on YouTube.

“Being real is the key to connect with people,” said Taneja, adding that the content should be fast paced, real, crisp, fresh and should cater to the new as well as the existing viewers. “Time is imperative and one should not waste the audience's time. So, a fast-paced crisp content works.”

For the aspiring YouTubers, he said, “Do what you like and pave a way for new content creation that others can follow. Don’t run after money as it will automatically make its way to you when you enjoy your creation. The audience is very smart, don’t waste your time faking things and respect their involvement.”

Being in the public eye also comes with a lot of pressure, especially when trolls and criticism is a constant part of the profession. He has his own unique way to deal with them. Talking about trolls, he said, “Trolls and criticism are part and parcel of the job. Just be calm and do your work. There is not one occupation, where you will not be criticized.”

He has collaborated with many brands and enjoys creative freedom. “This is an incredible experience. Work is fun with them because of the complete creative freedom. When so much freedom is offered we tend to give more.” My protein, Mama Earth, Mivi, Graphy, Gillette, Pintola, Cred, Realme, Netflix, Amazon, Visitabudhabi, Gujarat tourism, Tripura tourism, Assam tourism, Et money, Tata insurance, are a few brands he collaborated with, among others.

He has plans up his sleeves for the year 2022. From travel to television, a lot is cooking. “With the new variant of COVID-19, I don’t know how things will turn out. Just being hopeful. I want to explore the travel option, expand my team and there are a lot of television offers coming in,” said Taneja.