Generosity Changes You from Within! Here Are Insights On the Value Of Pursuing Philanthropic Opportunities

Meet Philippe Vasilescu, a French-born, Miami-based wine and spirit expert, who sheds some light on the importance of being philanthropic in this time and age

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No one ever becomes poor by giving to the needy. In the contemporary world, people care less about their fellow beings as long as they are rich and can have whatever they wish for. The world has enough for all of us, and most people only think about their interests rather than others. The world would be a much better place if every successful person held the hand of another person so that they could move up the ladder together. Meet Philippe Vasilescu, a French-born, Miami-based wine and spirit expert, who sheds some light on the importance of being philanthropic in this time and age.

Philippe Vasilescu

Vasilescu is a Master in Management graduate of ESSCA with an associate degree in Economics and Marketing from Berlin School of Economics and Law. Vasilescu says his early life was not a walk in the park as his parents were not wealthy. He, however, says he was able to share the few things he had with his friends and neighbors who had even less. “Sharing the little things in life only makes you happier and loving,” says Vasilescu. He believes that having grown up in a middle-income family made him view the world from a different angle in terms of helping others.  Why should you share whatever you have?

Vasilescu believes philanthropy brings communities and people together. “ If you're able to share with the community, it increases your involvement with every member,” he says. “Whether you give out money, material items, advice, or time, it goes a long way in supporting a cause that is bigger than yourself.”

“Philanthropy helps in elevating the less fortunate from not having a chance to having a chance in life,” says Vasilescu. He believes that sponsoring poor students so they may attain their dreams is critical in providing a free and fair society. “Everyone should have a chance to be whom they want to be,” he adds.

Vasilescu further reveals that since he started his philanthropic works, business has been forthcoming. This means philanthropy is great for business as most people now care about the involvement of companies in the community instead of the purely profit-oriented approach. He believes that by helping a community, you get to bring your best for the future generations to come.

Philanthropy helps those involved broaden their minds to view the world from a different perspective. With the emergence of technology, it's easier to identify those who need their philanthropic services just from their mobile phones. One cannot mandate philanthropy. It has to come from deep down your heart; when it does, it feels quite satisfying to see how sometimes the smallest gesture can have such a big impact.

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