Faith and Focus: The Two Pillars Of Success

Dennis Jenkins hopes that others will see what focus and faith have done for him and leverage these traits to achieve great things in their lives

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Successful people attribute different traits and aspects to their incredible growth and successes. For Dennis Jenkins, it was his faith and focus that kept him going against all odds and helped him write his success story. By keeping his faith in God and himself and focusing on serving his clients and building systems, Jenkins has built a fortune in an under-recognized industry: facilities management.


A Florida native, Dennis Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of Executive Commercial Cleaning, a facilities management company that provides businesses with a full quota of management services. This includes janitorial services, building expansion, and strategy for future growth.

When Dennis Jenkins first started his company, he was simply looking for a solution to his own problem. Like any good entrepreneur, he quickly realized that his problem could also be the problem of many others. Over the next few years, he focused on building systems and infrastructure to scale his business. “I built a business around building systems for other companies. When I am servicing a client, they can focus solely on managing their business without worrying about managing a building and its facilities,” says Jenkins. His recipe for success is simple—focus. He focuses on running his business and allows his clients to focus on theirs.

The second attribute to which Jenkins credits his success is faith. “I grew up in a very spiritual family,” he recollects. It was instilled in Jenkins at a very young age to keep God at the center of everything he does. Many people lose their way when they are faced with the stress of building a successful company. For Dennis Jenkins, his faith in God and in his own abilities kept him balanced. Moreover, he also extends his faith to people. As a service-based company, Jenkins recognizes the importance of having employees who are reliable and consistent. He knows that treating his employees with respect and making sure he sets them up for success is key to the growth of his company. As a result, he has a strong client base all over the United States that is very pleased with the services that his company provides.

Now that he has firmly established his company in an ever-growing industry, Dennis Jenkins looks to inspire those that see his success. “My goal as a business owner is to triple our revenue for next year, but more importantly, I really want to motivate those around me,” says Jenkins. He hopes that others will see what focus and faith have done for him and leverage these traits to achieve great things in their lives.