"You Have to Be Real and Show Who You are as A Person"

Contemplating content on bringing up a child in the internet generation

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Unabashed, cool and casual, just like his vlogs. Mumbiker Nikhil’s initial tryst with vlogging was in his childhood, when he would record videos on camera. Vlogging happened much later in 2014, after his father’s demise and to get out of his mundane life. His first channel, Screen Critic, inspired by Soul Talk, was way too formal for him. 

Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma gained popularity after he connected with the audiences and changed his identity to Mumbiker Nikhil. 

Says the first moto vlogger of India about connecting with the masses, “I realised you cannot be direct, you have to be built-up. I learnt that there is a start, an end and a climax, the main content of the video; a hook that leaves audiences with a thought. You can speak your heart out only later, after you sell yourself and people have accepted you.” 

“Over time I realised that, it doesn't matter what the mass wants, you have to be real and show who you are as a person.”

Along with more brand collaborations, came more creative freedom, as the trust between them strengthened. He says, “Entertainment is the factor that makes a content good, then one can easily promote a product in a fun, yet convincing way.”

On his advice for those looking to launch themselves, “Focus on reels and shorts, because that is the future. Do make longer videos if you have the passion, but sometimes, the disappointment comes too early. If you looking for growth, fame, and have an art you can portray in 15 seconds, then start with short stories as it doesn’t have copyright and can be monetised too.” 

Also, he says, “Go with the flow, do what you think is the best. But don’t upset someone at the cost of entertaining others and always make this personal connect through stories.”

His strategy to handles trolls is to, “Keep your phone aside and go for an hour’s walk every day if possible.” 

On his plans for 2022, quips Nikhil, “My plans are to be a good father.” 

He does add, “I might provide informational content on how to raise a baby in this horrible internet generation.”

On his success mantra, says Nikhil, “Do what you like the most, but after giving it proper thought.”