The rise of Lilmissgurung

Shraddha Gurung is a digital content creator and beauty influencer, with over 125,000 followers on Instagram and more than 56,700 followers on YouTube

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As a kid she always wanted to be in the creative field. Today, she has carved a niche for herself in digital content creation with 125,000 followers on Instagram and more than 56,700 followers on YouTube. She is famous as Lilmissgurung.

Shraddha Gurung

“I always  wanted to be in the creative field since I was a child.  However,  I had no idea what exactly that would be. I considered advertising or copywriting but the blogging/creative scenario happened by accident and there was no  looking back,” said Shraddha Gurung, digital content creator and beauty influencer.

Being gregarious was a cherry on top for Shraddha. “I love talking to people and have always been passionate about teaching ever since I was a little girl. So creating a channel about the kind of content I love just seemed like the most natural course of action.”

Explaining the process of content creation, she said, “The process is both challenging and liberating. I create what I want to share  keeping in mind the educational and informative aspect to it. However, our world is changing so I now also focus on keeping it as entertaining as possible! The most important is to create  content that adds  value to your audience. Every platform has its own unique factors that can help you succeed on it. The common factor is consistency but the presentation differs as you traverse through platforms. YouTube is a place where you can give people a deeper dive into your personality, your life and also your thoughts and opinions. Instagram is definitely more visual. Aesthetics, quick tips and entertainment play a key role on that platform.”

“Consistency will help  when the motivation fades away. Trust me, this is the hard truth. I have been a creator for almost six years now and setting up systems to work consistently is still difficult and challenging given how dynamic our industry is. However, I truly believe that once you do have this in place, you can work everything else out with your own unique personality and voice as a creator,” said the beauty influencer.

She has her own way of dealing with the trolls, “You have to accept it for what it is. We are all capable of doing excellent work but also capable of making mistakes. Take criticism as feedback and work on it.  Anything else that is just a personal attack is better ignored. Keep it respectful from your end and remember that it is absolutely okay to take a stand for yourself. It’s hard but you have to keep a healthy mix of all.” 

Giving  an insight into brand collaboration, she said, “I love brand collaborations. I find it to be extremely flattering as a creator. The brands want to work with you because you provide value to them. It’s a collaboration which means it works both ways and you get to add value.”

“I am building my own separate studio and making an in-house team to be able to consistently post high quality content. I am also practicing being more kind to myself because that’s the only way I can do my best work,” she said talking about her 2022 plans.