A KISSS That Keeps Her Going

Namrata Purohit is a pilates and fitness instructor, sports nutritionist and a partner at The Pilates Studio

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Her mantra to success is KISSS: Keep it safe, simple and smart. She started her pilates journey when she  was just 15-year-old, “I had a bad fall off the horse and started pilates. It was healing and magical. I started sharing my journey online and people  associated with it. I still don’t call myself or think of myself as a content creator,” said Namrata Purohit, pilates and fitness instructor, sports nutritionist and a partner at The Pilates Studio.


Coming up with a channel was never her plan, “It was honestly not a planned process, it just happened. I started sharing things that I felt were relevant, answered questions online that a lot of people would ask and made videos for exercises that people can do at home,” she said, adding that content should be spontaneous.

“For me I would consume content that seems honest, raw and original. I also enjoy content with good vibes and people who seem to love what they are doing,” she said, spilling the beans on what makes a good content.

The fitness trainer is an ardent believer of honesty is the best policy, she said, “Be honest with yourself and the people who follow you, especially if you are collaborating with other brands, I would say only do it if you truly believe in it and would use it yourself.”

“I have been fortunate to collaborate with really great brands and people who are extremely understanding. I have been lucky to have quite a bit of freedom and only associate with brands who understand that I will always be honest with the people who follow me and will not say or do something that I do not agree with or that I would not do myself. I only associate with brands I truly believe in and hence the synergy has been great and I have loved working with each one of them, all giving me different experiences and even teaching me a lot,” she added.

Talking about her 2022 plans, she said, “In terms of online presence I do want to try and be more active and share content in order to help people and answer more questions. In terms of the studios I hope that 2022 allows us to reach new places and in the process helps us  engage with more people across our country and globally.” 

She loves to spend her day in the company of her family, friends, horse and dog. “I also find time for myself and the things I love doing like riding, dancing, singing and traveling. Working out regularly also makes me happy and my regular routine of meditating brings me a lot of peace.”