This Entrepreneur Transformed the Power Of the Environment Into a Successful Business

Master Louis Loh believes Fengshui is just one part of the route to a happy and contented life

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What is all around us is the major influence on our lives. Whether we succeed or fail professionally or in a relationship is directly influenced by the atmosphere we live in. Ancient Chinese philosophy recognised this link between the natural world and as early as 4000 BC, buildings were already being positioned with their doors aligned to the astrological sector that offered the most access to the sun, than just following the winter solstice.


Today, Fengshui is still practiced in China and the far-east and has become popular in the West. Where Chinese architects use this philosophy to determine the alignment of building as well as the interior, the western practitioners tend to concentrate on the inner flow of ‘Qi’ in the building. Let’s talk now about qi and Fengshui, before we introduce you to the world’s most prominent academic on the subject, Master Louis Loh.

What is Fengshui?

The aim of Fengshui is to ensure the perfect location, alignment, and even design of a building to enhance the Qi within and around. Qi is an energy force. In ancient times it was believed that Qi – which can be positive or negative – was a force created by the spirits of ancestors combined with the personal attributes of the individual. Thus, perfect burial spots were determined for a more successful life.

Translating the effect of Qi into buildings and the environment within them was a short jump from the above origins. The Qi must flow evenly through the home in the right direction – which is not fixed and depends on the location – if the inhabitant is to enjoy success, wealth, and happiness.

As Master Louis Loh came to understand, Fengshui is just one part of the route to a happy and contented life. Let’s look at Master Loh and his work, and why he is an influence on many persons both in businesses and in life itself.

Master Louis Loh

Master Loh is the founder of Fengshui Republic. This is a unique business that is the sole Chinese metaphysics company to have achieved ISO-9001 certification. A Fengshui-based business achieving such a recognised international quality standard is notable. What is Master Louis Loh’s background?

Master Louis was inspired to study Fengshui by his uncle who was himself a Fengshui master. As a 3rd generation Malaysian Chinese his interest in Chinese esoteric knowledge and culture led him to study under many of the leading Fengshui masters before studying for a Masters Degree in Business and finding his feet in the corporate world.

By the age of 30 Master Loh had a major role as regional manager in a company that took him to China, Singapore and other eastern countries to conduct business with clients. Fengshui was still in his heart, and while at the peak of a high-paying career Master Loh decided that Fengshui was his future, and that his role in life was to help others achieve their goals in happiness and wealth.

The combination of extensive business experience and his mastery of Fengshui soon brought Master Loh and Fengshui Republic to the eyes of the corporate world. The business, with a carefully selected team of Fengshui practitioners working with Master Loh, has helped with the development of new-build homes, the design of a number of casinos in Laos, and many other major corporate developments in the far-east.

Worldwide Recognition and Corporate Mission

Fluent in Chinese and English, Master Loh is among the very few Fengshui masters can speak to the wider world. Fengshui does not take one form. There are many areas of life in which this ancient Chinese philosophy can be utilised.

Master Loh is unique in that he has mastered the important residential and tomb Fengshui practices which are considered among the most powerful and important – as well as, as we have mentioned earlier, the areas that form the very basis of Fengshui itself.

The Malaysia Book of Records lists a 13,000 participant Fengshui event hosted by Master Louis Loh as the largest virtual participation event in the country’s history. In this he forwarded his mission in life to students of Fengshui and others interested in the ancient philosophy that plays such a strong part in Chinese culture.

For more on Fengshui Republic and how Master Loh and his team can help your business gain success and your personal wealth be realised have a look at the Fengshui Republic website where there are details of the work the company has carried so far for many prestigious clients.