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Akshay V. Singhal founded Log9 Materials in 2015. It is a climate first company, with focus on innovation, intellect, integrity, initiative and individual growth

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With more than nine years of experience in the field of nanotechnology, Akshay V. Singhal founded Log9 Materials in 2015. He graduated with materials engineering from IIT Roorkee in 2015 and completed his PhD in graphene nanotechnology from the institution in 2021. He has research experience from University of Alberta, Canada and has published more than seven peer-reviewed research articles.

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Log 9 has emerged as India's leading advanced battery technology company with established cutting-edge expertise. From nanomaterials, to cell, to battery pack level, the company caters to all of these.

"With depleting fossil fuels and increasing levels of pollution, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and alternatives to fuel-based generators has become critical. So, I wanted to develop advanced energy solutions for EVs and stationary applications that will solve the challenges of climate change and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels," said Singhal, an environment conscious entrepreneur.

Over the years, Log 9 has grown to a 94 members company including research, management and production staff. Log9 has successfully raised $15 million funding till date. The firm is currently the second largest deployer of electric vehicles in the state of Karnataka. The business received Seed funding of $1 million, raised pre-Series A of $4 million and Series A-plus of $10 million.

When it comes to retaining talent, "We strive to create Log9 as the most innovative company where highly talented team members get the opportunity to create the best of their work. For attracting the best of the talent we rely on transparency of our brand promise."

Log9 is a climate first company, with its focus on innovation, intellect, integrity, initiative and individual growth. "Our aluminum fuel cell technology has only one competitor in Israel and we are poised to surpass their technology utilizing almost 1/10th the funding and time."

"We have a vision to eliminate fossil fuel related greenhouse emissions (transportation and diesel generators). We want to pioneer a new revolution of stored energy technologies – the future of batteries," said the entrepreneur.