Three Things To Consider Before Signing Up With a Personal Trainer

Jamie Koufos, an Australia-based personal trainer, shares that defining what you want to achieve from fitness training is the first step towards fulfilling it

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There are many benefits attached to personal training. However, understanding certain factors might determine how much benefits one will get from training activities; it is essential to be acquainted with essential elements before opting for a personal trainer. Jamie Koufos, an Australia-based personal trainer of more than ten years, shares three important things to understand and consider before signing up with a personal trainer.


Define your target

Jamie Koufos shares that defining what you want to achieve from fitness training is the first step towards fulfilling it. This is about defining the reason why you want to get personal training. According to Jamie Koufos, the target must be specific. For instance, the target could be weight loss, gaining muscle bulk, or maintaining a certain body shape. When there are goals, there will be motivation and commitment levels to reach these set goals.

Choose a competent trainer

There are myriads of personal trainers out there with different levels of competence; Koufos suggests getting a trainer that knows his onions. When choosing a trainer, Koufos advised potential candidates to not get too swayed by big names in the industry as popularity does not mean they'll be as good for your fitness goals. It is important to do personal research; this can be done by going to the gym and seeing if these questions are answered to your satisfaction. Are they helping their trainees? Are they encouraging them? Do they enforce discipline? Another way to confirm whether they are competent is to ask trainees if they are getting results from the trainers, added Koufos.

Know your budget

Getting a competent personal trainer will cost you money. Various factors influence the cost attached to the personal trainer. "A high-quality and experienced trainer can charge higher per session," says Koufos. "Some individuals can fetch higher costs, but those are based on demand and have a long track record of proven results," added Koufos. In this case, potential trainees must decide on the absolute maximum cash amount they can afford or are ready to pay before signing up to a personal trainer and pondering if it is worth it.

Once a target has been set, trainer identified, and budget in place, Jamie Koufos believes all is set to get you on your fitness journey.