The Rocking Rocket Of Logistics

Vishesh Khurana is the co-founder of Shiprocket. The company is currently clocking $100 million in revenue

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"I started the entrepreneurial journey with my first company, Mobiz Infotech, which provides complete outsourcing solutions for various activities required by e-commerce players like mobile application development. During my tenure there, we created mobile applications for brands like Coke, ITC, Fiat, Luftansa, etc. Later, we had a successful exit. After Mobiz Infotech, I started an e-commerce marketplace for luxury fashion products which failed as a venture. Still, the learning from this failure was incontrovertible, which later helped me build Shiprocket along with my co-founders," said Vishesh Khurana, co-founder of Shiprocket.

He is a post-graduate dropout from Amity University. Giving an insight into his entrepreneurial journey, he said, "Right from my initial days as an entrepreneur, I have always been focused on building solutions to make e-commerce affordable and simple for every individual trying to sell or buy online. We want to build a business-in-a-box service that entrepreneurs can use as a one-stop-shop for all services."

Company handout

Shiprocket is currently clocking $100 million in revenue and close to $1 billion in valuation. "Shiprocket has raised over $250 million in funding from marquee investors." The company is playing a key role in supporting the D2C brands. "With an aim to help direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands by ramping up their technology stack to strengthen marketing conversions, we are the front-runners when it comes to supporting the D2C ecosystem in India."

On talent acquisition, he said, "To attract top talent, I try to create an environment where people can advance their careers. The best strategy is to give control, trust and space for people to grow, where mentorship and growth opportunities for every individual ensure retention."

The pandemic has impacted all of us in a certain way. Talking about the entrepreneurial resilience during the Covid period, he said, "During Covid lockdowns, like any other business, our business also came to a halt where most of our employees were worried about their employment, given the layoffs happening across the country. We decided to use the time and come out of lockdowns better and stronger and ensured no layoff or pay cuts. We decided to launch new services that helped businesses post lockdown, like hyperlocal delivery services that offered to move medical supplies free of cost. Such initiatives helped in keeping our morale up during difficult times."

The platform aims to solve the minimum commitment on logistics. "We launched a shipping aggregation service in a single contract. As for new business, making a fixed monthly commercial contract wasn't feasible. We decided to use technology to share the same across 100s of small businesses. We also launched our mobile app that enables small businesses to use mobile cameras to take images of their products and upload them to a free website giving them the means to go online with just a mobile phone and no other device."