Regulator PRO Gold Uninterruptible Power Supply

Protect yourself from those inevitable power hiccups.
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Regulator PRO Gold
Manufacturer: Belkin Components
Street Price: $150
Phone: (800) 2-BELKIN
Brownouts, blackouts, surges, sags and spikes-that's what your office equipment can look forward to for the rest of the year. Surge suppressors alone won't cut it for mission-critical PC data; you need a true uninterruptible power supply like the Regulator PRO Gold. It not only smooths out jolts, but also increases the juice to acceptable levels during under-voltage episodes. A backup battery automatically kicks in during a true catastrophe-say, when the lights go out then on again (nothing is as destructive to a hard drive)-giving you up to 45 minutes to safely shut down attached equipment. A fast USB connection to Regulator PRO Gold's management software on your PC saves scarce serial ports.
Edition: May 2017

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