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Rita's Brings Christmas in July to Children's Hospital Patients

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Philadelphia-Rita's Water Ice will bring Christmas in July to patients at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia by cashing in on the warm summer weather. Rita's will donate to the hospital's playroom the equivalent of the total sum of temperature degrees that accumulate from July 1 to July 25, with a minimum $2,000 guarantee, as well as deliver an early Christmas celebration to the families and children at the hospital.

"The Rita's experience is about taking time to enjoy life, savoring every moment and sharing it with your family," says Bob Tumolo, president and co-founder of Rita's. "We realize that, unfortunately, for some children and their families at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, these experiences are not always afforded to them."

The donation, made on behalf of the 125 Rita's locations in the Philadelphia area and in memory of company co-founder Betty Tumolo, will go toward new equipment for the playroom. The room, managed by the Child Life Program staff, is designed to help young patients cope physically, emotionally and socially with their illnesses. Program staff members utilize games, reading, arts and crafts, and special events to facilitate the healing process for thousands of children each year.

"We wanted our donation to benefit a place within the hospital where parents and their kids can go to escape the problems they face day in and day out, where they can go to unwind, play and relax," Tumolo says.

The promotion will wrap up on July 25, when Santa Claus will come out of hibernation to deliver gifts to the children and help present a check to the hospital. Patients will also be treated to Rita's version of snow as the company hosts a water ice party. -Rita's Water Ice

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