UK-based Entrepreneur explains What Makes a True Leader

Damien Trevatt is not just the CEO of these two companies; he is also an online investor, developer, speaker, and digital marketing expert

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Not everyone has the leadership qualities to make the teamwork flawlessly. According to Damien Trevatt, the Ungagged and Dot Com Consultancy CEO, a leader should take risks and make mistakes. A true leader learns from both, and instead of looking back and pondering on the errors, he ensures that he rectifies himself and moves on.

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Damien is not just the CEO of these two companies; he is also an online investor, developer, speaker, and digital marketing expert. Most importantly, he is a leader in his company. His team members say that he can tackle each employee's concerns differently makes him a brother-like figure. It gives them the confidence to work freely and deliver their best at conferences.

Focus on helping others

According to situational leadership theory, an effective leader wastes no time adapting to a situation and guides his team to take specific actions. Damien is an expert in moulding himself according to different conditions. After attending multiple conferences on digital marketing, he felt that experts were not recommending the best practices to their followers. As a result, he started an unconventional approach to dealing with the situation and offered off-the-record tips to entrepreneurs and digital marketing enthusiasts to help their company grow.

Damien instilled the same qualities in his team members to offer similar services on his behalf. He always made himself available to his team members and ensured they felt comfortable working with him. Slowly and steadily, he developed a rock-solid team that would make his company successful.

Encouraging innovation and strategic thinking

An essential aspect of being a leader is allowing your team members to speak their minds. Damien allows his team members to develop various ideas that would benefit the company. For example, he always encourages his speakers to think on their feet whenever they face questions from the audience. Not every question has a scripted answer. If the speaker makes a mistake, Damien ensures that he doesn't feel embarrassed or pressured for his next session. Instead, he explains how the speaker can overcome his mistake and prepare for his next conference.

Dealing with Internet marketers and entrepreneurs means expecting various types of questions. While Damien has answers to most of the questions, he never fails to boost the confidence of his team members by allowing them to answer according to what they think can solve the problem of the audience member.

Damien loves to think strategically and, therefore, never stops his team from expressing themselves in team meetings. He believes that even a small idea can make a big difference to the company, and each team member should feel free to discuss what they have in mind.

It's not every day that you find a leader like Damien. His ability to understand what his team members want allows him to deal with everyone differently. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable working for him, and they don't hesitate to give their best in Damien's conferences.