How Art Depicts Invaluable Virtues Such As Compassion, Empathy And Equality

Bolli Blas has made it her mission as an artist to paint all people, their lives, and unfiltered emotions

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The art of creating something on a blank canvas and being able to express raw human emotions is a rare one. Only a few have mastered it quite like British visual artist Bolli Blas. With expertise in oil painting and art features across galleries worldwide, she talks about what it's like to hold a mirror to contemporary society.


Bolli Blas is the co-founder of ArtsyNFT, a popular online NFT gallery. The message behind her art is what makes each canvas noteworthy. Through art, she believes, humans learn invaluable qualities like compassion, empathy, and equality. She explains, "Through my work, I breathe life into my own idea of utopia, a world where all are equal and there's no prejudice, hatred, or war."

Society is an amalgamation of people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. So, Bolli Blas has made it her mission as an artist to paint all people, their lives, and unfiltered emotions. Her work is inspired by street art and the crafts she found during her travels across the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

Bolli adds, "Throughout childhood, I had a very different understanding of art. Now I interpret it to be a reflection of modern communities without restraints." She is known to color authentic life experiences, and each piece is a unique creation because of it. Her vision has allowed her to win laurels through her art, and it can be seen across galleries, art fairs, and exhibitions in NYC, Paris, Nice, and London.

Bolli Blas credits her artistic creativity and success to the people around the world that inspired it. Through her charity work and community service, she aims to bring that happiness to many people's lives.