How To Do Business From The Other Side Of The World

MetaPax is a platform of streamers and viewers, but on a completely different level of interaction

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In January 2020, the modern architecture of human relationships and the concept of "freedom" has changed forever. The coronavirus has attacked many sectors of the economy and forced billions of people around the world to accept completely new life rules.


Due to the Covid, the economic activity of many countries around the world is still slowed down, which, of course, affects the investment climate, employment and well-being.

Many sectors of the economy were significantly affected by lockdowns and closed borders. First of all, this concerns the tourism business, catering and entertainment. Powerful macroeconomic factors also affect the cryptocurrency market.

But was it possible to resist economic stagnation? It is easy to talk about after a few years, especially after the advent of powerful technologies and methods of remote cooperation, control and tasks execution on different continents in a couple of clicks.

Alternative Consequences of Covid-19

Companies that focused on overcoming geographical distances between business partners and employees showed hundreds of percent growth. For example, video conferencing platform Zoom and its IPO in April 2019. The startup managed to raise about $350 million, and the market value of the company reached $11 billion. By 2021, the company has quadrupled in price.

Now imagine a technology that allows you not just to communicate, but to look through the eyes of a person on another continent and influence them. Yes, and in real time. The development of "remote control" technologies would open up huge opportunities for people, both in terms of business and entertainment.

If in a couple of clicks it would be possible to receive a broadcast thousands of kilometers away, giving instructions and requests to the "guide", the speed of decision-making and the dynamics of running a multi-branch business would increase many times. But how is this possible in our realities? The creators of the MetaPax project seem to know the answer to this question.

MetaPax beats distance

MetaPax will bring people from all over the world to relax, work and solve problems, with help of smart glasses and the Internet. The developers call their project a "pseudo-metaverse", because it allows anyone to "move" around the real world and see through the eyes of other people in real time using VR technologies and streaming.

MetaPax is a platform of streamers (Paxers) and viewers (Beholders), but on a completely different level of interaction. Imagine how a resident of London in a few clicks finds an agent who will launch a personal demonstration from Hong Kong and check the equipment or show you the production process at your plant. Sounds, pictures, events - everything except smells and local temperature becomes available to the customer, who is located thousands of kilometers from the epicenter.

And if "remote tourism" is not a novelty (although still not developed), "remote business" is a big step forward. The platform plans to launch completely different scenarios of interaction and "rental" of streamer time.

At least, such technologies will be an excellent tool for the following tasks:

  • Viewing, renting, or buying real estate;
  • Production control;
  • Car business;
  • Business or client presentations;
  • Remote control of construction stages.

In addition, enterprises and companies will be able to launch their own "rooms" on the platform with access only for verified employees.

It is absolutely clear that with a more detailed study of the MetaPax capabilities, there will be dozens of times more potentially solved business tasks, we have given only a few examples. Moreover, communication between participants supports automatic translation into different languages, which opens up access to the platform to a larger number of people.


MetaPax is a new level of interaction between people and is the first step towards 3rd generation social networks, since the format offered by MetaPax implies the ability to simultaneously "locate" and influence business from different parts of the world in a couple of clicks.

Despite all the problems and tragedies that the pandemic has caused, people have appreciated the opportunities and benefits to control a business on the other side of the Earth from their office, and now the range of application of this model will become wider.

Thanks to real innovation and unlimited use cases for both personal and business tasks, the project instantly raised and exceeded the initial investment plan during a private crowdfunding.

Now MetaPax is going to hold an IDO on one of the popular launchpads so that even more private and institutional investors will own the platform's internal token, which will become the core of the MetaPax DAO in the near future.