The Fashion Friendly Mom

On her way to becoming a lawyer, Diipa realized that social media was her passion. She followed her passion and has never looked back ever since

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An influencer, a fashionista, an entrepreneur, an international icon, a mother, a woman, Diipa Buller Khosla has excelled in each phase of her life. She is one of the leading fashion influencers in the world. Growing up in an Indian family, she was familiar with the prejudice surrounding darker skin tones and with a lack of representation of Indian people on the big stage. Being a part of the influencer community since her early 20s, she believed it was the best platform to redefine the social standards of "beauty', especially for those who felt misrepresented. "indē wild can not be described as a mere startup, instead, a passion that has grown over such a short period of time to something people can finally relate themselves to, feel heard and appreciated for simply being themselves in the most authentic way," said Diipa.

Diipa Buller Khosla
Diipa Buller Khosla, Founder, Inde Wild and Fashion Influencer

She opted for a degree in law as she was adamant in her decision to help others and to strive for justice for all people regardless of the colour of their skin or their gender or their economic background. "Completing my bachelors and on the journey of gaining my Masters in Law, I realized that something did not sit right with knowing legal courts and procedures would be all for my future." She switched to a career in social media and fashion as she was realized that law was not her passion and she did not want to limit herself. According to Diipa, the beauty of a career in social media is that there are no limits to growth. She found a way to combine her passion for social activism as well as fashion. Diipa recently became a mother and developed a deeper respect for all the mothers. She believes that there are a lot of identities associated with a woman and becoming a mom should not restrict a woman from being independent. She struggled initially with starting a business, taking care of her family, travelling, etc. However, she believes that her family was the reason she was able to pull through.

Diipa and her husband, Oleg created an NGO called Post for Change. The NGO aims to spreading awareness on Mental Health and sexual rights and fight social evils like colourism. She believes things are changing with the new generation Diipa's brand indē wild's expansion is already in the pipeline. The brand is expected to make its debut in India.