Meet the Mother Of Three Making 7-figure Income Working Part-time From the Beach

After years of making seven figure revenue and trotting the globe, Myriam realized she had a business opportunity she could offer to other people. So Create Business was formed

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What if it is actually possible to make a 7-figure income working part-time from the beach? Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Or just plain wishful thinking.


For many people this “beach-based business” sounds almost too good to be true. That’s why the story you’re about to hear is so intriguing.

You see, I heard about a lady who has been doing this for the past 23 years. So I went along to meet her. And find out more about her story.

Successful entrepreneur’s lifestyle

Meet Myriam. Myriam lives in Sydney, Australia. She has all the trappings of a self-made millionaire; the mansion…the sports cars…the dream lifestyle. Pre-COVID she’d take large chunks of the year off; skiing in Europe, holidaying in the south of France and the beaches in Asia. Yet at the same time she’d be running her fascinating business.

As she says, “All I need is my mobile and laptop. And I can literally make thousands of dollars at will. That’s because my business allows me to do this.”

(By the way this isn’t any get rich quick scheme, MLM, or financial trading. Instead it’s a government approved business.)

But her life wasn’t always a life of luxury. Quite the opposite.

Twenty three years ago, she had a toddler and was heavily pregnant. She was faced with the prospect of returning to her old job as a business trainer.

As she said, “I remember thinking I would soon have my baby and in a matter of months would have to be back at work. Things was I’d returned to work two months after giving birth to my first child. At that time I felt so guilty leaving my child in the care of others while I went to earn a living.

Needless to say, by the time I held my second newborn child in my arms, I was pretty desperate never to go back to my old life and routine.”

So Myriam went looking for a business she could run for herself. She must have explored dozens of business opportunities. And dismissed them all. That’s because they could ‘not’ meet her exacting requirements. She’d almost resigned herself to going back to her job. When she stumbled on what she was looking for.


Now I’d never heard of refunding or any type of business where you refund people’s own money for a small percentage. So Myriam went on to tell me about it.

It turns out she was watching television one night. And she saw a programme that revealed how people were getting paid to track down lost money in return for a service fee.

Lost money can be a forgotten bank account, pension, bonds, superannuation, securities, salaries and wages or inheritance.

And the amount of unrecovered money is staggering;

  • The US unrecovered market is worth a whopping $49 billion, according to Forbes.
  • £15 billion of unclaimed money in the UK says, The Unclaimed Assets Register.
  • $23.7 billion in unclaimed money in Australia, according to the government.

3 simple step formula

The people finding the money and refunding it are known as refund specialists. They find the money that is legally owed to a person. They deal with the government department in question. And they refund the money to its rightful owner.

In return, these refund specialists were paid a commission fee of 10-30 per cent for doing just this!

When Myriam discovered this business she instantly saw she could do this. She started with just $2,000 in seed money. And the rest is history.

After years of making seven figure revenue and trotting the globe, Myriam realized she had a business opportunity she could offer to other people. So Create Business was formed. And now people wanting to start their own refund business have a simple system to follow to succeed.

Create Business has an online portal with comprehensive training, tools and support. Once a new refund professional is on-board then they’re taken by the hand and given a simple road map to follow. It sort of paint by numbers process. This helps them succeed. It is a system that increases your odds of business success ten-fold.

Success stories of ordinary people

As Myriam says, “I love hearing the success stories of my business participants. Students like Reg who made $89,000 in profit from his 5th claim refund, or Berti who made $18,120 in profit from her first client, or 74-year-old Fred who made $72,000 from one claim refund.”

She added, “I’m convinced anyone can be successful with their own refunding business. I’ve helped builders, office workers, shop assistants, stay-at-home mums, surgeons, nurses and lawyers people from all walks make successful career changes rather quickly. You don’t need to go back to university studying for three years and paying tens of thousands of dollars a year just to have a career change into something liberating and enjoyable that can deliver you 6, 7 figures flexibly.”

“Create Business has been going great guns in Australia-New Zealand. And now I’m going to expand the Create opportunity into the US and Europe. As this business can be done from anywhere in the world. It really is the ultimate mobile business,” she concluded.

And with that final comment, our interview was over. Myriam was headed back to her beach chair with her trusty laptop and iPhone to carry on growing her business.

Perhaps what makes Myriam’s story so unusual is how little publicity is given to the refunding business. Very few people know about this niche. And how to get started in it. When Myriam started she had to figure everything out herself, a testament to her strength of character.

Yet, now she has laid out a clear pathway for others to follow.