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VW presents ID.Buzz, the electric vehicle that pays tribute to the emblematic Combi

Although its design is inspired by the hippie icon of the 70s, it is an electric car with capacity for five passengers and 201 horsepower.


From the iconic "Mystery Machine" in Scooby Doo to the yellow vehicle in Little Miss Sunshine, the Volkswagen Combi has captivated generations for years. Now the German company presents the ID.Buzz , a new electric vehicle that pays tribute to its own history.

Conceived as the Transporter (T1) in 1947 and first manufactured in Wolfsburg in 1950 under the concept of a Kombinationsfahrzeug (combination vehicle in German) it was a low-priced utility vehicle that conquered post-war world markets. In the 1970s it became a cult car for the hippie movement and later began to be used as a versatile and efficient option for public transport. From 1970 to 1995 the Combi was produced at the VW plant in Puebla, Mexico and later moved production to Brazil. In 2001, the emblematic vehicle was replaced by the Eurovan, which maintained the utilitarian character of the vehicle, but with a modern design that left out the retro aesthetic.

In 2014 VW launched the Last Kombi Edition with a very limited number of units to say goodbye and pay tribute to the vehicle.


Its name is ID.Buzz, an electric vehicle whose design pays tribute to the Combi and will be available in the United States and Europe from 2024 . With a 201 horsepower motor and an 82 kWh battery, it joins the line of electric cars that VW already produces: the ID3, the ID 4, and soon the ID 5. The design of the "new Combi" surprises integrating modern features with a nostalgic aura that harks back to the 70s and revives the glory of iconic models like the T1.

The vehicle will have capacity for 5 passengers (an important difference in relation to the original concept) and there will also be a cargo version called ID.Buzz Cargo . According to the company, the battery will charge from 5% to 80% in just 30 minutes.

With the arrival of ID.Buzz, VW reiterates its commitment to stop selling internal combustion cars in Europe by 2033 and in the US and China by 2035.

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