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The company is going International with two proposals to consider from the middle-east

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"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye," said American Poet, Dorthy Parker. Ambika Gupta has been one of the biggest names in the events industry for some time now. After completing her B.Tech in Biotechnology, she completed her final year project from IIT Delhi following which she handed her degree to her mother. Having a knack for creativity, she cleared Xavier Institute of Communication and obtained her post-graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. A module called event management struck a chord. She worked with BIG Synergy as an assistant director on shows like India's Got Talent and more which was followed by a brief stint at NDTV before she moved to Chennai which is where The A-Cube Project started.Ambika has been featured in the New York Times and is an active TedX speaker.

Ambika Gupta
Ambika Gupta, Founder, The A-Cube Project

A restless night of contemplating career options led her to events as she thought it would highlight her creativity. She believed that it was the events industry that would utilize a lot of her skill sets which were interacting with new people, travelling to unseen destinations which constantly kept the thrill alive and kept her on her toes. She had discovered the power of manifestation and positivity by reading Rhonda Byrne's The Secret. Starting with family events and a few projects from her friends, she came into prominence when she did her second wedding project at the ITC where she took a handpainted live truck to the top of the hall which received plaudits all over the social media.

Ambika did not want to name the company after her as she wanted her company to be bigger than her. "The reason I entered into the industry was that Chennai was void of anything classy in terms of events. When I went to weddings, the things I saw were just copypasting things and Chennai was way behind its other counterparts." Ambika believes that the sector has opened up and new opportunities have emerged in the sector. Another stark difference between 2012 and now are the legal contracts that are being signed. According to Ambika, the idea behind the legal contract is to make it look more professional especially since the financial risk is way more as compared to 2012.

Having to deal with shorter preparation time, The A-Cube took off even during the pandemic, a dark time for the events industry. However, weddings are a huge part of an individual's life. The A-Cube received a ton of bookings after the initial lockdown in 2020. The brand has dabbled into furniture rentals called "Luxury Furniture Rentals' and a rental prop brand called the 'House of A-Cube'. The company is going International with two proposals to consider from the middle-east. According to Ambika, the turnover of The A-Cube is approximately INR 10-15 crore.