Learn How To Distribute and Monetize Your Content Easily And Profitably Through This Platform

Entrepreneur Abdalla Khafagy along with Co-founders Diego Gonzalez, Aigars Veiksins and Karol Stanczak seeks to make Lewk a go-to option for content monetization

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In the era of growing tech awareness and digital penetration, online content has gained incredible popularity among the new-age social media users and influencers. As more people are engaging online with their favorite social media influencers, the demand for creative content is skyrocketing. However, many creators are still clueless about how to monetize their content despite being successful in content creation and follower generation.

Looking at the limited content monetization options available in the market, entrepreneur Abdalla Khafagy created a content monetization and distribution platform Lewk to back the modern creator economy and bridge the gap for social media. He was joined by co-founders Diego Gonzalez (Chief Growth Officer), Aigars Veiksins (Chief Information Officer) and Karol Stanczak (Chief Operating Officer) who added value to the business with their experience in the crypto space and influencer marketing.


Abdalla started his journey in the marketing and crypto space first as a Head of Community and later as Global Director of Community at Crypto.com where he gained first-hand experience in business expansion and building global communities. He also has the experience of serving as Operations Manager for MENA, at TikTok, where he had the chance to connect with Celebrities, Micro & Macro Influencers and saw from very close their struggle for generating income through content. Even before the ideation of Lewk, he was able to build a community of over 100k active followers on his social media which made him realize the hardships of influencers and publishers alike. So, he joined hands with his co-founders to solve this issue of content monetization through his innovative platform Lewk.

Each of Lewk's co-founders is a social media and blockchain veteran who dealt with Influencer Marketing for industry giants like Binance, TikTok, or Crypto.com. Riding on their previous experiences and expert insights, they formulated an actionable roadmap to boost the content economy and revitalize the influencer marketing industry. Lewk is a blockchain-powered platform that enables you to work with your existing social media platform and create monetization opportunities. With Lewk, influencers and content creators will be able to upload their videos and start earning from them. The platform will also empower creators to mint their video ideas as NFTs to resell them to other creators and earn royalties. Content creators will get paid for up to 10 million views their content receives on Tiktok or Twitter over a 7 day period. Short videos are going to be the first type of supported content.

Talking about Lewk, Founder Abdalla Khafagy says, "Lewk brings all the like-minded creators seeking for monetization under one umbrella. With a unique roster of features we are working on, content monetization, forming trends and collaboration between creators will be easier and faster than ever." "Additionally, Lewk also permits creators to receive donations from their fans and followers with lowest fees in the market thanks to blockchain technology, which is also something that makes us stand out" added Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Diego Gonzalez.

Lewk also provides brands and publishers with a unique opportunity to expose their marketing campaign to creators on a global scale. "Using Lewk, brands will be able to save a lot of money and time in finding the right content creator or influencer for backing their campaigns. Our Publishers Marketplace connects the dots between the creators and publishers," said Co-founder and Chief Information Officer, Aigars Veiksins.

The creator economy is moving swiftly which is why the creators and brands must keep up with the trends to keep on entertaining the audiences. "Lewk gives fans easy access to their favorite content, browsing by category and discovering similar types of content made by like-minded creators. They can now connect with their favorite creators and support them with donations," Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Karol Stanczak added.

Lewk's innovative platform is an easy way to bring content from all social media platforms together in one place to build an appealing portfolio and showcase the best pieces of content in front of the publishers and users. As the barriers to content creation are getting lower with technological advancement, Lewk is paving the way for revolutionizing content distribution and monetization for content creators and influencers.

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