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Entrepreneur Brett Beck Seeks to Bring Positive Lifestyle Changes among People with his firm Believe Pursue LLC and Bellabooty Fitness

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"Amor fati is a mindset for making the best out of anything that happens, treating each and every moment - no matter how challenging - as something to be embraced, not avoided. To not only be ok with it but to love it and be better for it. So that like oxygen to a fire, obstacles and adversity become fuel for potential". Brett Beck is the founder and CEO of multiple inspiring new ventures - Believe Pursue LLC, Bellabooty Fitness & Beckfit. The principles behind amor fati kept Brett focused throughout his life's ups and downs, leading him to his present success.

Brett Beck

Life is not all joyride for any of us, and Brett knows this well. Despite being an accomplished sportsman and athlete since his childhood, Brett's competitive nature and tenacity occasionally got the best of him. Before completing high school, Brett was already burnt out. However, his drive and ambition continued to push him to achieve more than the obvious opportunities that were presented to him and determined from an early age he would be a self-made individual. The concept of entrepreneurship and owning his own business was always appealing to him and the idea of pursuing the typical career path in a 9-to-5 job was never really a consideration.

Driven by the goal of doing something big, Brett explored a diverse range of atypical career paths, sharpening his entrepreneurial skills, even sometimes unknowingly. From sales to venture capital to managing nightclubs, he attempted to discover his beat after his short college stint. At the age of 22, along with some of his childhood friends, Brett launched his first company based out of Denver, CO. They experienced impressive results quickly with their mass consumer product-based business, generating millions in sales throughout the United States. Riding on the skills of spotting great products and marketing , Brett was able to figure out his niche and fell in love with the rush of being a successful entrepreneur. In the following years, he achieved several levels of success and received the invaluable gifts of grit and adaptability.

However, things began to change as he became prey to his ego. As the highs of success began to wein, he started to plunge into the darkness of feeling lost. His ambitious attitude, in combination with addiction to thrill, led him to filling the void with substances. This quickly turned into addiction, which pulled him down fast. By the age of 35, Brett lost himself, and his business empire seemed to crumble around him. Soon, it was clear that if he wanted to see another day, he had to crawl his way out of this vicious cycle and start working on himself. From there , he spent years rebuilding from the inside. Eventually, fitness, hiking, surfing, climbing, paddle boarding , meditation, and exercise emerged as his new outlet and solution to life's tantrums. Today, he is back to the consumer product market with a healthy, empowered perspective and unwavering ambition to prove that you can achieve anything you set your mind on while living a substance-free healthy lifestyle.

Founded by Brett, together with his wife and three close friends, his new business venture Believe Pursue LLC has set out to accelerate and streamline the process of executing on an idea and taking it to market in an unexpectedly efficient and profitable way. Believe Pursue is an innovative product and project development company that launches new products and brands, and is designed to be a brand and product development machine. With a versatile, fully functional team with deep knowledge and experience in product development, manufacturing, branding, and marketing, Believe Pursue is able to execute on an idea from concept to market scale with atypical speed and cost efficiency. In addition to proven success in the development of products for clients, one the most exciting things coming from Believe Pursue is a brand of their own: Bellabooty Fitness.

Bellabooty Fitness is a brand with accessible, simple fitness products focused on making glutes, legs and core training easy and efficient. With a variety of new products in development, they recently launched their flagship patented product, the Bellabooty Belt. Among other uses, the Bellabooty Belt is the most efficient and comfortable way to do hip thrusts anywhere, with any weight type. With it's simple, easy-to-use design that can be set up in 20 seconds, the Bellabooty Belt gives you a comfortable and efficient way to hold dumbbells, kettlebells, and even plates. The slip-resistant padding also eliminates the risk of weight sliding or any imbalance while training. The Bellabooty Belt is one of those products you can't believe you didn't think of and is a must have for every home gym and fitness facilities around the world.

Brett and his wife Greta are also the founders of a fitness and lifestyle business called Beckfit. Personal training and group fitness classes are available under this brand, along with wellness activities in the Los Angeles area. Brett believes it's imperative to spend time outdoors. The Believe Pursue team, including Brett's family, consistently take time out from traditional business activities to hike, hit the beach for a workout session, bike, or paddle board. That's when the best business ideas are born, he says.

With Believe Pursue LLC's team consisting of Greta Beck, Eric Peterson, Brandon Lane, Shelby Lane , and Justin Montgomery, alongside the advisory team and investors, Brett is set on continuing to develop and bring to market game changing world-class fitness and wellness products with an unmatched value proposition. Twelve years clean, his mantra continues to help him overcome the hurdles of life and business: "Be real, walk with gratitude, stay humble, follow your passion, use your gut instincts, be willing to do absolutely whatever it takes."