Why Self-Reflection Is Crucial For Self-Growth

Self-reflection is as old as human existence, if not longer. According to Anthony Del Rio, one of the strongest pillars of self-growth is self-reflection

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With so many buzzwords coming up nowadays, self-reflection is starting to sound like one of them. While it may feel like the latest thing, self-reflection is as old as human existence, if not longer. According to Anthony Del Rio, one of the strongest pillars of self-growth is self-reflection.

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In olden times, Socrates said that a life that is not examined is not worth living. "It is crucial to reflect on your life, starting with beliefs, attitudes, and actions. These all form the basis of personal growth and change, which is crucial to human life," shares Anthony Del Rio. However, the concept of self-reflection is misunderstood as some people use it to 'punish' themselves with negative thoughts of things they shouldn't have done or should have achieved, etc.

RaShine Mitchell explains that "self-reflection is the shortest route to self-awareness. Being self-aware is very important as it keeps you focused and allows you to sort through your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions in a neutral way." Most of the time, people tackle these things when fueled by strong emotions, which introduces a bias. Mastering self-reflection helps you take apart each situation and gain a new perspective on things. Anthony Del Rio agrees that you can look at yourself and begin to understand more profound things about yourself through self-reflection that you might not have known otherwise.

"Self-reflection is important for self-growth because it reveals insights that guide you on where to start and what direction to take," quips RaShine Mitchell. The journey of change and growth begins when you first analyze yourself and then plot a course for where you want to be in life. "It helps you find what you are passionate about and gives you the courage you need to pursue it," he adds.

Anthony Del Rio stresses that people must remember, "self-reflection is meant to guide them and not berate them for being bad people or feeling lost. Self-reflection helps you take stock of how far you've come, making many people gain a newfound appreciation for their progress." Even those who haven't progressed can use self-reflection to examine what they should be doing to meet their goals in order to move forward.