Australian Lawyer Shares: People First Approach to Digitizing the Legal Industry

Rex Afrasiabi is an established attorney with a full service law firm

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As the world seems intent on racing to the metaverse, there is one industry that seems at least one or two steps behind. Whether you are shopping for furniture, buying a car, a new shirt, or talking to your doctor, you can now experience a largely virtual experience in most industries. However, when it comes to lawyers and legal processes, it seems that you are left printing papers and trying to keep up correspondence through phone calls, a fax machine, or even the mail. Not to mention, in the office, legal clerks and assistants spend a large part of their day scanning and storing countless physical documents onto a computer. This seemingly pre-internet age style of running business leads to stress, headache and unnecessary redundancies. Rex Afasiabi, founder of M A Legal, a law firm, is looking to change the narrative. Always aiming to improve the way he serves his clients, Afasiabi is currently developing the first fully digital platform for his law firm clients. 

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Rex Afrasiabi has served his clients professionally for the last fifteen years. During that time, he has helped his clients with all of their business and personal matters - from business acquisition, complex disputes, property sales, family matters, and more. While his clients are pleased, he became aware of a deficiency in his business. “I’m a co-host on a few entrepreneur shows and all the top entrepreneurs build their business on technology.” This fact is true. Top real estate investors automate a lot of their processes through technology, huge companies like Amazon, Facebook, or even Tesla make a large amount of money by developing software that automates processes and utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline their business. Technology, of course, is more than just figuring out how to use something on a computer or automate a process, it’s about ease of user experience. Afrasiabi is determined to bring the same ease of use that companies like Tesla or Amazon offer to their clients into his law firm as well.

“Law is very, in some ways, old school…” Afriasabi explained. This old-fashioned approach can lead to a very unpleasant customer experience. That is the first thing that Afriasabi wants to change. “I am developing a platform, and apps that will allow my clients to log into their account online. Live account updates, document sharing, and other aspects of communication will be shared here in an easy to use interface.” While the simple convenience of this will certainly be valuable to clients, there are other practical benefits to this integration for technology. Efficiency and security. “When we are spending less time organizing paper documents and handling simple administrative tasks, we can spend more time meeting our clients' needs and servicing them.” Of course, with the development of cloud technology, strong security protocols, and other measures, offering clients the ability  to have secure access to their personal documents and limit the ability of others to see that is certainly an added bonus.

At the end of the day, Afriasabi sees technology as another way to better serve his clients. In an industry that has been slow to adopt technology, he is stepping out to pioneer a change in how law firms can better serve their clients. While he is finalizing the development of his technology, he is excited to build a complete and custom experience that will help meet his clients needs to a greater level.

Rex Afrasiabi is an established attorney with a full service law firm. While he is a qualified lawyer and accountant, he views his role with his clients as more of a business consultant. His strategies help his client’s to protect their business and personal assets, increase the value of their business ventures, and make sure that their dealings comply with all legal codes. He is a co-host of two business advisory shows, owns a mortgage fund, has an interest in various businesses and other investments. While he is very successful in his professional life, he feels that his greatest accomplishment is being a dad to his four year old daughter, Audrey.

If you are looking to learn more about Rex Afriasabi or his law firm services, you can contact him and his team on their website.