Woods Lonergan – Bringing a Cutting-Edge Approach To Law

With the legal landscape growing more complex by the day, it's not enough for legal professionals to simply know the law. Lawyers are required to have an extensive skill set in order to deliver results

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Nowadays, both companies and individuals need their legal teams to be prepared for the fast-paced and rapidly evolving world we live in. With the legal landscape growing more complex by the day, it's not enough for legal professionals to simply know the law. Lawyers are required to have an extensive skill set in order to deliver the results that their clients are expecting and deal with the intricacies of the legal field.

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At Woods Lonergan, this ideal has been successfully converted into a reality. As a prestigious law firm recognized for its skilled trial lawyers, highly-experienced negotiators, and strategic advisors, Woods Lonergan has a simple but ambitious mission: to bring a cutting-edge approach to law by delivering valuable expertise, solid advice, and comprehensive solutions for their clients in corporate, real estate and business law.

History and approach

We're going to start with a brief history of the firm and go in-depth on its approach to law in order to gain a greater insight into its past and current performance, and understand what differentiates it from the rest. Woods Lonergan PLLC was founded in 1993 by James Woods and quickly managed to establish itself as one of the leading law firms in New York. In 2008, Lawrence R. Lonergan joined the firm as a partner. Annie Causey, who started as a senior associate in 2017, was named a partner in the firm in 2021. The firm continues its upward trajectory and shows no signs of slowing.

A dedicated team of highly trained and reputable attorneys, with excellent results in their area of practice, and the collaborative environment they've created over the years are what stand behind the firm's wide recognition and success. The extensive experience and skills of both their partners and attorneys allow the firm to deliver unrivaled legal services at competitive rates, providing clients with viable solutions for a wide variety of legal issues, from commercial litigation, real estate matters, corporate structuring and disputes to employment law and intellectual property matters.

The firm's size and the broad business experience of its attorneys represent two major advantages that differentiate them from its competitors. Unlike larger players in the field, Woods Lonergan is more nimble and responsive and able to provide personalized service, so clients can enjoy a tailored approach, which guarantees exceptional results, without having to deal with unnecessary expenses and bureaucracy.

From the very beginning, Woods Lonergan focused on bringing together talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, along with complementary skill sets in order to set the foundation for a thriving law practice. The firm's culture is built around strong values such as professionalism, trust, collaboration, and the desire to excel in providing creative solutions for their clients.

This also gets reflected in the firm's track record. In all its years of practice, Woods Lonergan has managed to win complex cases for clients in several different industries, building a reputation as a litigation and negotiation expert. Their cutting-edge expertise and vast experience in different areas of business law provide Woods Lonergan with a competitive advantage over larger law firms in New York. Their list of clients includes:

  • Businesses operating in real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail sectors

  • Cooperative and condominium boards

  • Business Investors and business entities

  • Real estate purchasers, sellers, developers and contractors

  • Owners or landlords of commercial or residential properties

Areas of practice

Woods Lonergan attorneys are always ready to fight for their clients' interests, and put all their expertise and experience at their service, whether that involves providing legal solutions for commercial and corporate transactions, the buying or selling of commercial and residential property, employment agreements, etc. In this section of the article, we'll go over the main areas of practice that Woods Lonergan covers and provide further information on how they run their practice.

Business and corporate law

With the business environment continuously expanding and becoming more competitive by the day, the legal requirements in this area are also growing more complex and challenging. Fortunately, Woods Lonergan attorneys are equipped with the skills and know-how to successfully mitigate legal issues and represent their clients' best interests. They can help clients deal with a wide variety of business-related legal matters, including:

  • Commercial litigation – shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract, business fraud, family owned business disputes, consumer fraud, directors' and officers' liability, business torts, commercial lending disputes, or information privacy and security claims are just some of the legal issues that can arise in a business context. Woods Lonergan can provide guidance and support for business entities, whether that implies negotiating a settlement or taking a case to court.

  • Business formation – Woods Lonergan attorneys can be a reliable partner for those looking to set up their own business or acquire an existing one. They facilitate the entity selection and business formation process by providing advice on business planning, formation, and startup.

  • Corporate transactions – the skilled business attorneys at Woods Lonergan can assist clients with a wide-ranging variety of corporate transactions, from share and asset acquisitions to joint venture arrangements, takeovers, or property transactions.

Real estate law

The firm is composed of knowledgeable and seasoned attorneys handling a variety of real estate matters, and Woods Lonergan has a great team of professionals who can advise clients on issues such as purchasing, selling, leasing, financing, developing, or investing in residential and commercial property.

Apart from skills, experience, and know-how, Woods Lonergan attorneys also have an in-depth knowledge of the New York real estate market, which can represent a major advantage for clients engaging in real estate transactions or litigations in the area; including partition actions, foreclosures, lien foreclosures and buy-out agreements.

Employment law

The laws and regulations governing the New York employment market can feel like a labyrinth for those who are not familiar with the legal landscape. Woods Lonergan can help both employees or employers navigate the intricacies of employment law, whether that involves handling minimum wage violations, employee misclassification, unpaid overtime, wrongful termination, negotiating and preparing severance agreements, pursuing a worker's comp claim, etc.

Whether it's in the boardroom or the courtroom, the dedicated team at Woods Lonergan is ready to represent its clients and help them achieve their objectives through the high-quality and cost-effective services they provide. Their unique approach to law and their commitment to delivering exceptional results is what keeps them one step ahead of the competition.