The Jungle Is Coming: A Home For All Super Apes In the Metaverse

The Super Apes Club, or SAC, is a community focused ape NFT group

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Within the Ethereum blockchain, a strong community of apes roams free, living in peace and with a strong bond of kinship. The strongest ape kind Super Apes Club is a collection of 2,222 unique handcrafted alpha apes. Within the tightly knit community of the Super Apes Club is a roadmap that is as ambitious as it gets. And with an experienced and doxed team behind the project, every part of the roadmap is being realized one by one. And the one that we are most excited for, is The Jungle.


Imagine a home on the metaverse for super ape NFTs, underdogs, and dark horses, who rose above everything else to find their home in the Metaverse. Well, it's coming.

The Super Apes Club, or SAC, is a community focused ape NFT group. With 20,000-plus discord members and a sold-out NFT; this collective wants to build a good home, actual bonds of friendship among their NFT holders, and essential utility. Let's learn a little more.

What is a super ape NFT? They're primal and alpha. You'll see powerful, muscular super apes filled with first alpha energy. On a more technical level, they have randomly generated NFTs which live on the Ethereum blockchain. So far, there are 2,222 unique hand-crafted super apes with over 300 accessories.

Who are these super apes for? These super apes are for the dark horses of society - the people who have risen against all the odds. These are the actual super apes. If you're one of the lucky ones who holds a Super Ape Club token, you are in for a ride. The Super Ape Club is all about utilities and like-minded people with a never give up attitude.

Thus far, the super apes have completed a successful pre-sale while whitelist wallet holders were able to mint their NFTs. After that, the public sale, also protected from gas wars, took place where all members could take advantage of an instant mint reservation option.

However, while the sale is made - some are still available via opensea, there is a roadmap, and it's an exciting one. First up is the enchanted ape's collection of half-werewolf and half-ape. These will have magical traits and be airdropped to existing Super Apes Club NFT holders.

Next, there will be a marketplace, a complete ecosystem for NFT holders, including the ability to stake or unstake NFTs via a dashboard to earn diamond tokens. These tokens can be redeemed to purchase WL spots for new projects and various other sought-after items within the NFT space.

Finally comes the Jungle. Down the line in their roadmap, the Super Apes Club will launch a jungle within the metaverse where all apes can hang out with other members. This will be a members-only area. A jungle themed virtual reality – a place for people to collaborate, to build on ideas and get to know each other.

SAC has actual plans for growth for a real community where they offer real value. Stay tuned.

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