Expanding the Chill-wave Scene Into the Metaverse

Tsukimi project draws its roots from the lo-fi chill-wave culture

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Tsukimi, an NFT project owned by Ukiyo Inc., has quickly gained a lot of transaction within the NFT and metaverse community. Boasting over a 100,000 followers on Instagram, about 120,000 on TikTok and close to 30,000 on Twitter; the Tsukimi brand is quickly becoming a well-known name within this space.


The project draws its roots from the lo-fi chill-wave culture. Popularized in the modern era by Nujabes from Japan, in today's date, established Lo-Fi channels on YouTube have tens of millions of followers, and billions of streams. It's safe to say, the lo-fi niche has a widespread fanbase and its here to grow.

In simpler terms, lo-fi is a type of music that you can listen to regardless of what you're doing. Whether you're studying, on a long drive, gazing at the stars, or just daydreaming – this downtempo, easy-going, soothing, and highly nostalgic music will have to going for hours at end.

And this, is what Tsukimi is all about. A collection of avatars that are beautifully aesthetic, imperfectly perfect, and full of nostalgia. An art that expresses feelings and emotions that words cannot explain.

From this art comes a community, a culture,that is united by a love for something that reaches within. It's the way you feel – the way you look at the world.

Tsukimi takes the meaning of "community' to a whole new level. And the art, is not just some art. It's one that you express yourself with, in both the physical and the digital world. The avatars have a hint of Japanese anime as a tribute to Nujabes, tons of nostalgic accessories that will take you back in time and are packed with dream-like animations that loop endlessly.

Beyond building a community that thrives on a common interest, Tsukimi plans on doing lots of collaborations with streetwear brands, partnerships with lo-fi and chill-wave artists and production houses, and more.

Now, let's talk metaverse.

"The Loft' is what the Tsukimi project has named their metaverse division. While no details have been shared about the Loft, we are surely excited to see what they come up with. It can be expected that Tsukimi would have an aesthetically pleasing gallery within their website to showcase their artwork – allowing the users to filter, sort out and scan the entire collection with just a few clicks.

From the looks of the parent company, Ukiyo Inc, and their website, it can be easily expected that Tsukimi may come up with a story line and lore of their own – a way for holders to truly connect with the culture, appreciate the thought process behind the art and connect with their avatars on a deeper level.

From art that is expressive, to a concept of community that centres around a core culture, and beyond that, the vision of the loft – a perfect floating world for the lovers of lo-fi, the Tsukimi project is one we're going to closely watch.

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