The Future Of the Biomedical Scene, Seen Through the Eyes Of An Entrepreneur

Meet Jean Fallacara, author, innovator, scientist and entrepreneur extraordinaire with a unique vision that is about to take the world of temperature control to a whole new level

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Between working long hours, juggling multiple responsibilities, and dealing with development, financing, resources, and quality issues, entrepreneurship can be really hard. That's why so very few thrive in this environment. But those who do are usually the ones that rely on creativity, innovation and determination to power through tough times and reach their goals.


Jean Fallacara is one such entrepreneur with a long series of achievements throughout his career and a unique approach to leadership that sets him apart from the rest. His professional successes are based as much on his talent and willpower as they are on his eagerness to innovate and his creative prowess. His vision on employing virtual and mixed reality for new product development in life sciences is about to make huge waves in the biomedical world and open a world of possibilities in the field.

An entrepreneur with a disruptive spirit and eyes set on the future

Before we go in-depth on Jean's vision, let's learn a bit more about this ambitious entrepreneur's background. Jean Fallacara is a serial entrepreneur, scientist, athlete, engineer, podcaster, and author of the award-winning book "Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock'. He's also the founder and CEO of Z-Sciences Corporation, Z-SC1 Biomedical, and most recently managing director Biomed at inTEST Corporation.

Born in France, Jean has always had an imaginative mindset and a vivid interest in finding breakthrough solutions that can bring about meaningful change in the world we live in. He's a strong advocate of getting control of your brain and body to improve performance, wellness and longevity.

Jean has been relentless in his innovative and creative pursuits from the very beginning. He started his entrepreneurial journey at only 24 years of age and made it his life's goal to put his creativity and leadership skills in the service of people. Now, as an expert in strategic planning, operations, investment management, and marketing with over 25 years of experience on technology products for the biosciences under his belt, Jean says that being an entrepreneur was "not only my work but also one of my great passions in life".

For two long decades, he has worked in the same business alongside his wife and daughter, who supported him every step of the way, including when he made the decision to sell the business to an NYSE publicly listed company inTEST Corporation. The Acquisition of Z-Sciences Corporation by inTEST marked a new chapter in Jean's professional trajectory, allowing him to finally bring his vision to life – building the smartest Biomedical Equipment with Cloud-based monitoring capabilities, A.I. for self-diagnostic and Metaverse integration for peace of mind.

Innovate, create or disappear

Innovate, create or disappear is the motto by which Jean Fallacara guides his professional life, and that is reflected in everything he does. He strongly believes that "any idea can come to life if your mindset is wide open, your pocket filled with enough money to pursue and obviously if you have some basic knowledge of what's happening on this planet".

So, how does Jean envision the future now as managing director at inTEST Corporation? His plans revolve around the idea that advanced cooling systems will proliferate as the medical industry advances into lipid nanoparticle medicines for oncology and infectious disease management.

This trend was already obvious before the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, but it can't be denied that the health crisis has sped up the entire process due to the increased need for remote collaboration. This also prompted a large number of tech companies to turn their focus on virtual and mixed reality and the benefits these new technologies can provide.

For Jean, it's more than obvious that XR technologies, combining real and virtual environments and integrating human-machine interactions, represent the future in a post-pandemic world. Therefore, his focus is on employing cutting-edge technologies to provide advanced thermal solutions in order to ensure a competitive advantage in the cold storage industry.

Jean explains that with the broad use of VR and mixed reality already on its way across all industry sectors, from automotive to military and consumer electronics, early adoption of these technologies is the only way to remain relevant and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. The benefits of early VR and XR integration can enhance the value of thermal services and solutions provided for the future.

Jean's whole life was driven by the desire to use state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionize and change the world as we know it for the better. He is confident that only those companies that get an early start can gain the necessary experience and expertise to step into the future and bring their contribution to building the world of tomorrow, which is exactly what he hopes to achieve at inTEST.

According to Jean, the resources to bring more flexibility, precise control, enhanced monitoring, and next-level digital immersion in the world of temperature control are already here. It's just a matter of time until they will be employed to set the ground for an immersive environment that matches reality in the lab or the Biobank, available from anywhere. This will help save turnaround service time, allowing for a smoother decision-making process and swifter actions, which will ultimately lead to enhanced problem-solving capabilities and high-quality services.